RAA Approved Repairers

Why choose an RAA Approved Repairer?

RAA has over 450 Approved Repairers throughout South Australia in the general areas of mechanical repairs, servicing, crash repairs, and a range of specialist fields such as air conditioning, auto electricians, automatic transmissions, autogas, and more.

We strongly recommend the services of RAA Approved Repairers. You don’t have to be an RAA Member to access the services of an Approved Repairer and they can be easily identified by their illuminated yellow RAA Approved Repairer sign.

To be an Approved Repairer, each must guarantee their workmanship, maintain a fair pricing policy, and agree to follow the RAA Code of Practice for their category. An RAA Approved Repairer must also maintain standards in equipment and qualifications to remain accredited. Approved Repairers are regularly audited by RAA to ensure they continue to maintain their standards.

The benefits of an RAA Approved Repairer are:

  • They will charge you a fair price for the work they’ve done
  • They won’t charge you for work that hasn’t been done or isn’t needed
  • All customers are treated with courtesy & respect
  • The repairer has been judged by RAA to have the required knowledge, skills & equipment to perform repairs at a high standard in their category
  • RAA conducts regular audits to ensure they maintain the high standards required to be and remain an Approved Repairer
  • Above all, Approved Repairers want to do the right thing by their customers and keep them coming back, as well as keep their RAA Approved Repairer Status.

What happens if I am not happy with an Approved Repairer?

If an RAA Member does have a dispute with an Approved Repairer they can contact RAA on 8202 4689 for advice on how to resolve the issue. If there is any doubt over the quality of the workmanship, an RAA liaison officer will conduct an inquiry and will liaise with the member and the repairer. If necessary they will inspect the repairs, determine cause, and seek an acceptable outcome.



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Have a question? Call our Approved Repairer Dept. at 8202 4689.