Driver Education

Fleet Driver Safety

RAA Driver Education provides a range of solutions to help fleet managers improve the safety of their drivers.

Fleet and Safety Managers:

  • Concerned about driver safety?
  • Do you have high vehicle incident costs?
  • Need help meeting your WHS obligations for fleet drivers?

Fleet driver training can help reduce fleet operating costs, reduce costs related to vehicle accidents/incidents and contribute to meeting workplace health & safety requirements.

Fleet road service policy holders are eligible for discounted pricing on all RAA Driver Education services, including:

  • Fleet safety workshops
  • Individual fleet driver evaluation & training
  • Specialty driver training
RAA Driver Education is the best choice for fleet driver training because:
  • Strong capacity provides flexible and convenient scheduling options
  • Programs are benchmarked nationally to ensure best practice
  • Delivery is tailored to meet each company’s requirements


Department of State Development participant

"Excellent practical advice provided for experienced drivers consistent with road rules - i.e. not pitched at learner drivers. So I came away with a couple of key improvements I can make to my driving and I am currently putting them into practice."

Autism SA participants

"A fantastic training! Presented in an interactive manner." 

"Real life examples and strategies I can use in my work and everyday life."

"Fantastic workshop presenter - he was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and had a way of connecting with everyone and taking time to listen. He was fantastic and very valued by our staff."

RAA Driver Training Standard Terms and Conditions here

Did you know?

  • Road crashes are the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries and absences from work. 
  • Traffic injuries are twice as likely to result in death or permanent disability than other workplace incidents.
  • Vehicle crash costs to a business could be between 8-36 times vehicle repair/replacement costs.
  • One study found vehicle crashes cost $28,122 per incident, after the full costs were taken into account.