Recommended Child Restraints

Children with disabilities

Children with a disability or medical condition often require special consideration when being transported in motor vehicles.

RAA can provide support to parents, carers and physiotherapists to ensure that children with disabilities are restrained as safely as possible whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant South Australian legislation.

In South Australia, it is illegal to use child restraints which do not comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1754 Child Restraint Systems for use in motor vehicles.

Wherever possible we try to meet the needs of these children by using an Australian Standards approved restraint. There are now several restraints (and potentially more being released in the near future) that will safely accommodate these children.  In some cases modification of an approved restraint may be needed or it may be used outside of the scope of the instructions.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard 4370 Restraint of children with disabilities or medical conditions, in motor vehicles sets out options, which includes the use of modified child restraints, special purpose child restraints, and customised restraints to ensure that the safest restraint is recommended for the child.

Where an approved restraint won’t meet the needs of the child then a special purpose or custom made restraint will be considered. As these are not approved to the Australian Standard they are always considered as a last option. If a non-approved restraint is required, it is recommended to only use those that have been recently crash tested by VicRoads and Transport for NSW.

Once you have found the most suitable restraint it is important to ensure that you meeting the legal requirements for the option you’ve chosen. 

Click here to download the Special purpose child restraints for children with disabilities fact sheet - a guide on child restraints for children with disabilities.

To make an appointment to have your child assessed, in conjunction with your child’s physiotherapist, call the RAA Safety Centre on 8202 4592. Parents and Physiotherapists will be provided with an Advice to Parents form that will detail the recommendations, any special instructions and recommend a review date.

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