SA Fuel Prices

Change to RAA's Website

Why can’t I view RAA’s metropolitan fuel webpage?

RAA has switched off its metropolitan fuel webpage as we no longer receiving site-specific service station prices from our data provider as of 17 September 2016. The data is no longer being provided to RAA to share with motorists due to a deal struck between the ACCC and the fuel industry.

What fuel price information will be provided on RAA’s website?

RAA will only be providing average prices for petrol, diesel and LPG for Adelaide and country towns.

Will RAA provide site-specific service station fuel prices in the future?

RAA is assessing its options to provide site-specific service station fuel prices in the future.

If RAA’s isn’t receiving service station’s prices, will this impact RAA’s advice to members?

RAA will try its best to keep warning Adelaide petrol motorists of when price spikes begin, but losing the site-specific service station prices has impacted our ability to proactively assist members. We are exploring avenues to cater for member’s needs.

Is there a way to find the cheapest price from 17 September 2016?

Limited pricing information is available via a number of smartphone apps and websites, but these offerings do not reliably tell motorists where to find the cheapest fuel.

What is RAA’s opinion of the agreement between the ACCC and the fuel industry?

RAA is disappointed that motorists will not be able to get reliable site-specific fuel price information online as a consequence of the ACCC’s deal with the fuel industry, and has called on the State Government to take action.

Earlier this year, New South Wales introduced legislation that compels every fuel retailer to report their fuel prices in real-time to a government agency who provides this to the public free of charge without any restrictions, via an initiative called FuelCheck. RAA believes implementing NSW’s FuelCheck initiative here in South Australia is a more efficient and effective solution to solve this problem.

Click here to read RAA’s official media statement.

How can I help?

Click here to tell us how this change affects you, so we can push for more readily available fuel price information.


Please call RAA’s Fuel Hotline on 08 8202 4440 or email