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Sydney Toll Roads

Where are the toll roads?

Toll roads in New South Wales are based on the Sydney Orbital Network; a series of nine motorways that stretch for 160km and connect Sydney with its outer suburbs.  To date, the M4 motorway which connects outer Sydney with Penrith is not tolled.

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How much does it cost? 

In Sydney, some toll roads are charged according to time of day whereas some have a flat rate, whilst for others the toll is based on distance travelled. Details of the different toll types associated with each motorway as well as more information on each toll road can be found on the Sydney Motorways website.

Tolls in New South Wales can only be purchased from a select number of operators which include:

For tourists and visitors to New South Wales, it is recommended that motorists register for an E-Toll pass if occasional travel is planned, or a Short Term tag for up to 30 days if you plan to drive frequently.

What if I forget to pay? 

If you forget to pay for using a toll road, then expect to receive an invoice letter from either operator which then gives you 14 days to pay the toll. In addition to the cost of the toll, the late toll invoice will also contain an administration fee.

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