Safety for Road Users


RAA advocates for safe drivers, in safe cars, on safe roads at safe speeds. When you are behind the wheel of a vehicle you must obey all road rules, be very attentive, drive to the road or weather conditions, and be continually monitoring your surroundings so you can share the road safely with other road users. Remember that other road users includes vehicles, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

As a motorist you have a huge responsibility each time you get in your car and drive somewhere, so it’s important to be reminded of a few things that can greatly affect your ability to drive or that you need to think about when you're driving.

Driving safely

Alcohol and drugs

Breakdown safety

Driver fatigue

Sand driving

Sharing the road with cyclists

Sharing the road with heavy vehicles

Stock on the road


Unexpected driving emergencies

Winter driving


The road rules are changing all the time, so to keep you up to date, check out our latest FAQs.

Medical tests for drivers aged 70 and over

Mobile phone GPS road rule change

New emergency service speed zone - slow to 25km/h

Road safety fact sheets

RAA has a range of useful fact sheets on road safety advice for motorists. Click here to visit our road safety fact sheets page.

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