Safety for Road Users

Public Transport Users

Whether it’s catching the bus, train or tram to school, work or even a football game, many of us are now using public transport. So here are some safety tips to help make your next public transport trip as safe as possible. 

Public Transport safety tips

  • If possible, use a seat rather than standing
  • Try to sit near people and don’t become isolated
  • Sit as close to the driver as possible, especially if you are catching public transport at night
  • Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you
  • Immediately inform the driver if any passengers are threatening or harassing you or other passengers
  • Hold your possessions close to you
  • Stand clear of doorways
  • Try and get off at a stop with multiple people walking together
  • Arrange for someone to meet you at your stop if possible so you don’t have to walk alone.

Bus safety tips

  • If possible, avoid isolated bus stops
  • Stand away from the curb until the bus arrives
  • Use the hand rails or grab straps while walking to a seat if the bus begins to move.

Train safety tips

  • If possible, avoid isolated platforms while waiting for the train and stay in the lit areas of the platform
  • Stand away from the edge of the platform behind the yellow line until the train arrives and comes to a complete stop
  • Don’t run around the station
  • Hold your bag close to you
  • Don’t attempt to board when the train is leaving or try and force the doors open
  • Only cross train tracks at designated pedestrian crossings. It is dangerous and illegal to cross at non-marked areas because of the dangers of approaching trains and also the presence of high voltage electrical infrastructure along some train lines.

Tram safety tips

  • Always stand behind the line marking.
  • Do not lean against any safety railing.
  • Cross tram tracks with caution, don’t walk out into the path of oncoming trams or traffic.

Travelling with children safety tips

  • Always stand behind the line marking or away from the curb, and keep children close by - don’t leave them alone
  • If you are travelling with a pram, board the train, tram or bus towards the front so the driver can see you
  • While waiting, hold onto prams and apply the parking brake to prevent rolling
  • Make sure your child is secured safely.

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