Other Inspection Services

Taxi & Rideshare Inspections

Under agreement with the Department for Transport and Infrastructure, RAA Vehicle Inspection Services are Authorised by the DPTI Accreditation and Licensing Centre (ALC) to conduct vehicle inspections as required under the South Australian Passenger Transport Legislation.

RAA now offers the following inspection services:

   Taxi Vehicles (up to 11 seats + 1 seat for driver)

Rideshare and Chauffeured Vehicles


Non-member Price^

Taxi Inspection

Rideshare and Chauffeured 

1 hour


Taxi Recheck Inspection#

Rideshare and Chauffeured Recheck Inspection#

15 minutes


Taxi Defect Removal (Red and Yellow notice labels)

Rideshare and Chauffeured Defect removal (Red Label Notices only)

15 minutes


#Recheck inspections can only be completed at the same authorised inspection station that conducted the original inspection.  

^RAA Members and RAA Fleet Customers will receive a 10% discount from the non-member price for both Taxi and Rideshare inspections.



 Important Information

As required by the Accreditation and Licensing Centre, all passenger transport inspections are recorded on the DPTI Vehicle Inspection Recording System. All necessary approval stickers will be issued upon successfully meeting the inspection standards.

Please Note: As vehicle brakes have to be tested by workshop specific equipment, all TAXI and Rideshare inspections must be completed at our Authorised Workshop, located at our Head Office location: 101 Richmond Road, Mile End, SA, 5031. RAA Vehicle Inspection Services is located inside the RAA Head Office shop.

Further information around TAXI and Rideshare accreditation can be found at the DPTI webpage at sa.gov.au or by contacting the DPTI Accreditation and Licensing Centre on (08) 7109 8108.


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