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Years Ahead

RAA is committed to assisting all drivers and advocating on their behalf. Through programs such as Years Ahead, RAA continues to be involved in providing older drivers with support and education.

The Years Ahead program includes five distinct discussion based presentations:

  • Road Safety – focuses on maintaining safe mobility
  • Lifestyle – promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors
  • Mobility Matters – discusses transport options including motorised wheelchairs
  • Then and Now – the history of RAA and tour
  • Road Rules Quiz – interactive road rules quiz

Specially trained RAA staff will visit your group to present Years Ahead, and will provide all of their own audio-visual equipment. The presentations take approximately one hour to deliver.

Each presentation is available free of charge to organised groups of older people throughout most of South Australia. Groups should have a minimum of 20 people in attendance.

Years Ahead: Road Safety

Years Ahead: Road Safety is an RAA road safety awareness program designed especially for older road users. RAA believes that all drivers should continue to drive for as long as they are safe to do so. Years Ahead: Road Safety is designed to give people valuable information to help them achieve this.

The presentation covers the following areas:

  • Driving and road safety tips for drivers and pedestrians
  • Road rules
  • The importance of choosing a safe vehicle
  • The importance of being fit to drive
  • The impact of health and medications on driving
  • How to assess your own driving ability
  • How to plan for future mobility

Years Ahead: Lifestyle

Years Ahead: Lifestyle looks at a range of topics that are of interest to RAA’s senior members who are either approaching or are in their retirement years. The presentation includes a range of valuable information that aims to assist people as they navigate this phase of their lives.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • Security at home and while you’re away
  • Car safety
  • Transporting grandchildren
  • Interstate motoring
  • Car maintenance
  • Saving money on fuel
  • Staying healthy and mobile
  • Taking a holiday

Years Ahead: Mobility Matters

Years Ahead: Mobility Matters focuses on the transition from driving, whether you are considering reducing or giving up driving altogether. It looks at transport options, particularly motorised wheelchairs (commonly known as mobility scooters).

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • Impacts of health on driving
  • Driving alternatives
  • Motorised wheelchairs
  • What to consider before buying
  • Choosing the right one
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Roadside assistance

Years Ahead: Then and Now

Years Ahead: Then and Now can either be delivered at your venue or at RAA, coupled with a tour of our headquarters. The presentation will look at milestones in RAA’s history with the tour showcasing some of our memorabilia.

The presentation includes:

  • The early years and through the decades
  • How our roads have changed
  • RAA in 2017
  • Tour of RAA at 101 Richmond Road, Mile End

Years Ahead: Road Rules Quiz

Years Ahead: Road Rules Quiz is an interactive presentation that covers both general road rules and give way rules. Test your knowledge on both well established, misunderstood and new road rules whilst having a bit of fun. Each participant will receive a ‘clicker’ at the presentation so their answers can be recorded and displayed real time on the screen.

The presentation includes:

  • Often misunderstood road rules
  • New road rules
  • What to do after a crash

All of these presentations are provided free of charge. Contact RAA on (08) 8202 4221 to find out more about booking a presentation for your organisation. 

Years Ahead testimonials:

'The presentation was enjoyed by all present and very interesting with audience participation. Overall an excellent presentation and no suggestions for improvement.'

'I thought Tony presented the information very well and it was interesting and relevant for our client group. We will ensure that the attendees remain safe on the road. I can't think of any aspect that requires improvement.'

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