Road Service Options

Road Service for mobility scooters

If you hold any level of RAA Road Service cover you can call us for roadside assistance if your mobility scooter breaks down or gets a flat tyre.

We’ll do our best to get you going again and, if repairs can't be carried out at the roadside, we‘ll arrange for a taxi to transport you and your scooter to a safe location or place of repair.

Mobility Scooter Benefits

Summary of benefits
Annual taxi benefitUp to $100Up to $75Up to $50
Transport by RAA Country Service Depot*Up to 200km (400km return)Up to 100km (200km return)Up to 40km (80km return)

*In areas where the transport of your mobility scooter is provided by a designated RAA Country Service Depot, the benefit applies as per the towing distance applicable to your level of Road Service cover.

Please note:

  • Service does not include assistance in lifting a person in or out of their mobility scooter.
  • Service in shopping centres and other buildings needs to be in an area that's suitable and practical for our patrols to attend, such as an outside entrance or a car park.
  • The taxi benefit can be used once per incident and is separate from the RAA Premium taxi benefit that applies after vehicle breakdown/towing.

Refer to the Road Service Guide for full details.