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Frequently Asked Questions

Road Service entitlements and coverage

How many Road Service calls can I make under my level of cover?

The number of road service calls that you are entitled to depends on your level of cover. RAA Premium and Plus offer unlimited road service calls. Standard members are limited to only 4 free call outs per membership year. Each road service call out over this is charged at $60.

I have Standard cover. If I do not use my 4 Road Service calls, do they accumulate?

No, Road Service calls do not accumulate from year to year. But your RAA Membership offers much more than just Road Service, so why not find out about the other member benefits

Will my Road Service cover my wife/husband/child/friend if they break down?

RAA Road Service only covers the product holder in any vehicle they may be driving at time of breakdown.


Want to ensure other family members are covered? Why not create a group? With discounts on Road Service premiums for each additional group member, RAA Group Road Service provides peace of mind that you and your family are covered for more of life’s motoring challenges.


To create a Road Service group please click here or call 8202 4610.

Is my motorbike/scooter covered by RAA Road Service?



RAA Road Service does cover motorbikes and scooters.


In the event we’re unable to get your motorbike or scooter back on the road, we will arrange a tow under the normal towing limitations of your RAA Road Service. Please refer to the Road Service Guide for full details on towing limits.

Does RAA Road Service cover mobility scooter breakdowns?

If you hold any level of RAA Road Service – be it Standard, Plus or Premium – you can call us for Road Service if your mobility scooter breaks down. We'll send out a patrol, who'll attend to try and get you going again.


For more information on Road Service for mobility scooters, please click here.

What do I do if my vehicle breaks down?

If the vehicle you are driving has broken down, simply call 13 11 11. We will then send an RAA Patrol or Service Provider to assess your vehicle. In 89 per cent of cases, the vehicle is back up and running again after an RAA Patrol or Service Provider has visited. In the instances where we are unable to get the vehicle going, we will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to a place of safety or repair of your choice.


So we can help you as quickly as possible, please be ready to give following information when you phone:

  • RAA member number;
  • Vehicle details – registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle;
  • Location details – street name, suburb or town, closest intersection, which side of the street you’re on, any distinguishing landmarks; and
  • Vehicle fault or problem – an explanation of what happened or appears to be the problem.

After calling us, please stay with the vehicle until help arrives and leave your mobile phone switched on and available.


If there are extraordinary circumstances or you’re worried about your safety, please let the RAA consultant know when calling.


If you’re in South Australia or Broken Hill, your call will be routed directly to RAA. In all other locations throughout Australia, your call will be directed to the local affiliated motoring organisation.

If I drive a bigger or heavier vehicle, will I still receive Road Service?



An RAA Patrol or Service Provider will attend to your broken down vehicle no matter the size or weight, however, towing/wheel changing for vehicles exceeding 5.5 metres in length, 2.3 metres in width, 2 metres in height or wheel span of 1.8 metres and exceeds 2 tonnes are excluded from Road Service entitlements.


RAA Premium holders are entitled to $300 p.a. for special equipment where a vehicle cannot be towed under the normal towing limitations.

Does my RAA Road Service cover me in the event of an accident?

RAA Road Service is a vehicle breakdown service aimed at providing you with assistance in the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical fault/failure only.


For Plus and Premium holders, if you are more than 100 km from home and you are without your vehicle overnight after an accident, you may be eligible for emergency accommodation. Premium customers may also be eligible for emergency hire car. Please refer to the Road Service Guide for full details.

Am I covered at home?



You are covered if your vehicle has broken down at home. You’re also covered in any vehicle you’re driving throughout Australia.

Buying Road Service

I'm not a member and my vehicle has broken down. How can I buy Road Service?

If you call RAA on 13 11 11, a patrol will attend to your call for Road Service. However, you will be required to pay a service premium which is currently $90 in addition to the annual membership subscription.

I want to add my son/daughter to my Road Service; can I do this online?

 To create or join a Road Service group, please call us on 8202 4610 or drop into your local RAA Shop.


For more information on Road Service groups click here.

Is there a waiting period before I can access my Road Service?

Yes. A 48-hour waiting period applies on the purchase of new Road Service covers. If you break down within this time, you can still access Road Service; however, additional charges and entitlement restrictions may apply. The 48-hour waiting period also applies for additional benefits and limits when upgrading your cover level.

Road Service in the country

Will I get Road Service if I break down in a country area?



Within the country, Road Service included benefits apply to breakdown locations within the following distances from designated RAA Country Service Depots:

  • Premium: 200 km (400 km round trip)
  • Plus: 100 km (200 km round trip)
  • Standard: 40 km (80 km round trip)

For a list of RAA Country Service Depots in South Australia, click here.


To find Service Depots in other states, please refer to the website of our respective affiliate clubs.

Where will I be towed to if I breakdown in a country area?

If your vehicle breaks down in a country area and requires towing, you are covered for towing, by standard towing equipment back to the designated RAA Country Service Depot up to distances of:

  • Premium:  200 km (400 km round trip). In addition, extended towing for the vehicle (and/or towed unit) up to 50km (limited to $320 per incident) in any direction from where the breakdown occurred.
  • Plus: 100 km (200 km round trip). In addition, extended towing for the vehicle (and/or towed unit) up to 20 km (limited to $128 per incident) in any direction from where the breakdown occurred.
  • Standard 40 km (80 km round trip). In addition, extended towing for the vehicle up to 10 km (limited to $64 per incident) in any direction from where the breakdown occurred.

Road Service interstate or overseas

Will my RAA Road Service work interstate and if so, what level of service can I expect when I’m interstate?

Yes. Holders of RAA Road Service have access to assistance throughout Australia through affiliated motoring organisations. 

If you require Road Service interstate, RAA’s affiliated motoring organisations are:

  • NRMA in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
  • RACV in Victoria
  • RACQ in Queensland
  • RAC in Western Australia
  • RACT in Tasmania
  • AANT in Northern Territory
Service may be provided only up to the limit of that organisation’s standard Road Service entitlements. You may be required to pay for additional services, including excess kilometre towing for a vehicle and/or towed unit. You‘ll need to submit receipts to enable RAA to process a possible refund subject to the limits outlined within the RAA Road Service Guide.
I’m moving to/from interstate, can I transfer to/from RAA?



Transferring to an affiliate club: If you’re moving interstate and would like to transfer your Road Service cover to one of our affiliate clubs, simply contact the affiliate club directly to discuss their equivalent levels of cover and membership status.


Transferring to RAA: To transfer your Road Service cover from an interstate affiliate club to RAA, please visit an RAA Shop or call us on 8202 4610. To assist in transferring your Road Service cover, please ensure you have your affiliate club details on hand.

Your previous years of service with your interstate affiliate club can be transferred to RAA and vice versa.


Please Note: Once you have transferred to an affiliate club or RAA, you will still be required to call the affiliate club or RAA to cancel any existing products or arrangements you may have.

For a list of our affiliate clubs and their contact details, please click on the relevant links below:

  • NRMA in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
  • RACV in Victoria
  • RACQ in Queensland
  • RAC in Western Australia
  • RACT in Tasmania
  • AANT in Northern Territory
Do you have affiliate clubs interstate?



RAA has affiliate motoring organisations across the country. A full list can be found below:

  • NRMA in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
  • RACV in Victoria
  • RACQ in Queensland
  • RAC in Western Australia
  • RACT in Tasmania
  • AANT in Northern Territory
What should I do with my Road Service if I’m travelling overseas?

In a large number of countries, your RAA Road Service will actually be recognised by an affiliated club. For details of our international affiliates, click here.


You may place your membership status (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue) on hold for up to two years should you wish to retain your tenure for resumption of products and services on your return to Australia. 

Road Service groups

I want to remove someone from my Road Service group, how do I do this?

Removing a member of your Road Service group can be done by calling us on 8202 4610.


Please note: This must be undertaken by the Primary Card Holder and all responsibility to notify the member of group Road Service removal is that of the Primary Card Holder.

Road Service payments, billing, terms and conditions

Can Road Service be paid monthly like Insurance is?



At no additional cost, you can now pay for your RAA Road Service on a direct debit agreement – either via monthly instalments or a single annual debit through a nominated bank account or credit card.


To begin paying your Road Service product via direct debit, please call 8202 4610. 

I’m a pensioner/Seniors Card holder; do I get a concession on my Road Service?

RAA does not offer concessions for seniors or concession holders for two primary reasons:

  • We are not subsidised by the government in any way.
  • We seek to treat our members fairly and equally. By offering a discount to a certain section of our membership – for example, seniors – this discount would have to be recouped by increasing the premiums for the rest of the membership base and this is judged to not be the most viable practice.

Recently, RAA introduced significant changes to the way it recognises and rewards members.


In essence, the longer you have been an RAA member and the more products you hold, the more you are rewarded.  If you hold more than one product groups with RAA (i.e. Road Service, Insurance and Security Monitoring) you will receive discounts off both products based on the length of your membership. 


For more information on RAA’s new membership structure, please click here.

I just received free roadside assist with my new car; can I get a refund on my personal RAA Road Service if I cancel?

Remember that your car manufacturer’s Road Service product ONLY covers the car, whereas your personal Road Service covers you in any vehicle you may be driving at the time of breakdown.


RAA Road Service payments are not refundable.


Please also be aware that if you choose to cancel your Personal Road Service, you will relinquish your membership status (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue), as well as all the other benefits available with your RAA membership.


You may place your membership status (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue) on hold for up to two years should you wish to retain your tenure for resumption of products and services when your manufacturer’s Road Service expires.

I joined after breaking down. Why did I get charged so much more than the prices quoted on your website?

Our Road Service product is designed for ongoing use.


RAA is made up of individuals who make annual payments. These payments form the infrastructure to provide service and benefits to RAA product holders.


If you join once you’ve already broken down, you’ll have to pay additional fees to cover the full cost of RAA providing you service.

Where can I find all RAA Road Service entitlements, terms and conditions?

The Road Service Guide can be found here.