Road Service Options

Road Service for bicycles

When a breakdown or puncture interrupts your ride, we'll do our best to get you rolling again. If repairs can't be carried out at the roadside, we'll arrange for a taxi to take you and your bike to a safe location or place of repair.


  • This service is included with all levels of Road Service cover - Premium, Plus & Standard.
  • Taxi benefit up to $55 per annum (can be used once per incident and is separate from the RAA Premium taxi benefit that applies after vehicle breakdown/towing).
  • Bicycle road service will be provided to children under 18 who are riding with an RAA Road Service member.

Bicycle Benefits

Summary of benefits
Annual taxi benefitUp to $55Up to $55Up to $55
Transport by RAA Country Service Depot*Up to 200km (400km return)Up to 100km (200km return)Up to 40km (80km return)

*In areas where the transport of your bicycle is provided by a designated RAA Country Service Depot, the benefit applies as per the towing distance applicable to your level of Road Service cover.

Refer to the Road Service Guide for full details.