Road Service Options

Road Service for families/groups

Save money with family and friends by organising a group of up to five Road Service members.

How does it work?

  • One member of the group is nominated as the Primary Card Holder and is responsible for Road Service payments and membership renewal communication with RAA.
  • The Primary Card Holder pays the normal price for the level of Road Service cover they choose, and each of the other members receives a $10 discount off their Road Service cover.
  • A group can consist of up to five members, including the Primary Card Holder, and each member can choose the level of cover they need.
  • Each person receives a membership card and is entitled to all the benefits of RAA membership.
  • Current Road Service members are welcome to start a new group or be added to an existing group.
  • If you join an existing group, you pay a pro-rata payment for the remaining term of the family/group membership, and the discount applies when this membership comes up for renewal.

How do I create or join a Road Service group?

Call us on 8202 4610 or drop into your local RAA Shop.