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Road Assessments

Regional Road Assessments:

RAA regularly reviews South Australia’s regional roads to identify where upgrades are needed to improve safety and productivity. This advocacy work is driven by feedback provided by RAA members with an extensive survey emailed to members in the region to determine where they experience safety and mobility issues. We then liaise with local stakeholders and road authorities and report on the issues identified in the region with recommendations to improve the road network.

Recent Regional Road Assessment Reports: 

Road Safety Audits:

A Road Safety Audit is a formal assessment of the safety performance of a road or intersection, and adheres to guidelines set out in Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Road Safety Audit. RAA undertake Road Safety Audits to highlight major issues within our Regional Road Assessment program, to supplement black spot nominations, and at other times where necessary.

Recent Road Safety Audits:

Black Spot Submissions:

RAA annually submit an eligible project to the Black Spot Program for funding consideration. RAA also hold a position on the consultative panel that assess the merits of black spot nominations across the state. In recent years, RAA have submitted applications for black spot funding in the following locations.

  • 2019-20 program: Intersection of Grand Junction Road & Hampstead Road, Gepps Cross.

  • 2018-19 program: Intersection of Barossa Valley Way & Hermann Thumm Drive, Lyndoch.

  • 2016-17 program: Intersection of Thiele Highway and Roseworthy Road, Roseworthy (in conjunction with Light Regional Council)
  • 2015-16 program: Intersection of Schenscher Road, Thiele Road, Patterson Road, Pallamana Road and Monarto Road, Monarto.

Sinking Service Pit Cover Assessments:

Sinking service pit covers remain a major cause of frustration to RAA Members. RAA utilise a Vericom VC4000 on-board computer to assess the severity of sunken covers along a corridor, and send results to the responsible authority for their action. If you would like to report a badly sunken pit cover please raise this issue through our ‘Report A Road’ system.

Recent Sinking Service Pit Cover Reports:

If you would like any additional information or for other road safety enquiries, please contact RAA Road Safety on (08) 8202 4517 or by email at


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