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RAA Member Discounts and Benefits

We’re rewarding our members when you have 2 or more of a certain type of product with us. Check out the calculator below to see how much you could save.

For example, if you’ve been a road service member for 35 years (gold member), you’ll receive a $30 discount on your security monitoring, and a $30 discount on your road service membership. That’s $60 savings. And if you have RAA insurance policies, you’ll save even more!

Membership Architecture Discount Table


In addition, you’ll get a member discount on every piece of security equipment you buy, and you have exclusive access to our security special package.

AND as an RAA member, you'll receive discount on other RAA products and services, such as road service, insurance, travel and personal loans. In addition, you'll save with dozens of daily deals across the state with your RAA card.

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