Great benefits of our monitoring system

Your benefits RAA Personal Alert System Other systems
Nominated contact This can be anyone you choose such as family, friends or neighbours who you would like us to contact. Your medical details and priorities for emergency help are also recorded when the unit is installed. Included Included
Water resistant pendant / watch Includes either a neck pendant or a wrist watch, or you can order both. They are small and water resistant and can be worn at all times, especially around slippery areas such as bathrooms or stairs. With a range of 300 metres, it allows independence to move around your home and garden, while remaining safe, secure and mobile. The watch band can also be swapped by a jeweller to suit your own style. Included Included
Battery back-up The monitoring unit has a built-in speaker so you can talk to us directly and a battery back-up so it continues to work in the event of a power failure. Installation is completed easily by yourself, or our qualified technicians. Included Partially Included
3G mobile connection No telephone line or internet connection is required as your system is connected wirelessly via the 3G mobile network, and it by-passes the National Broadband Network (NBN). Included Partially Included
24hr/7day help Help available at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A low price to pay for 24/7 peace of mind. Included Not available
For any emergency Including health, fire or police. We will automatically send an ambulance if we can't verify the situation with you or quickly locate the person you've nominated. Included Not available
Free RAA membership If you're not already an RAA member, becoming a Personal Alert System customer will automatically provide you with RAA membership giving you access to numerous great benefits! Included Not available
We're SA local Your system is monitored by caring, friendly staff right here in Adelaide at our RAA Monitoring Emergency Response Centre. We are specifically trained to assist with medical and duress situations. Included Not available