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Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Device

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When you are out fishing, hiking or camping, there is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes and flies flying around and bothering you. 

*Due to product containing BUTANE, this item cannot be posted. 
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The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Unit dispenses a repellent into the air that stops mosquitoes, sandflies and midges from biting you.

This product releases allethrin, a proven insect repellent that is harmless to humans and pets, and a great alternative to insect repellents that release an unpleasant odour. 
It comes with 4 repellent mats and 1 butane gas cartridge, providing 12 hours of continuous repelling, before a refill needs to be purchased. 

The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Unit covers 21 square metres, so you can enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive! Great to use while camping, fishing or entertaining in your backyard.

  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Virtually odour free
  • Creates a 21m2 metre zone of mosquito-free comfort
  • No open flames
  • No lotions, sprays, or oils
  • Lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry size
  • Operates on one butane cartridge (included)
  • Built in ignition – NO batteries required!
  • Butane heats an insect repellent mat that releases allethrin, a synthetic extract of the Chrysanthemum
  • Silent operation
  • Repellent Appliance supplied with 12 Hour Refill