John Pedler

John Pedler has been associated with the tourism industry for over 25 years.
Initially providing road touring information for motorists, he has also been an accommodation inspector for the AAA (Australian Automobile Association) classification scheme.

For the past 24 years he has been the field researcher for the production of RAA maps and, in this role, has travelled extensively throughout Australia.  He is now the Digital Publishing Coordinator and provides travel information in the form of articles, blogs and visual media for the RAA website.  

Most Memorable Holiday

“Torn between two motoring holidays. Driving a Beetle convertible through the backblocks of Mexico versus the jaw dropping spectacle of the Norwegian fiords. I think it’s a draw... although, I do love eating escabeche so maybe Mexico wins”.  

Latest Entries

Art Gallery of Ballarat
Friday, 26th Aug 2016 by John Pedler
Categories: Victoria

The oldest and largest regional art gallery in Australia.

"You’ll find glorious beaches, mighty cliffs, breathtaking views and all sorts of treasures along this stretch of coastline."

"Vietnam is sheep-less, so seeing flocks of merinos shuffling across the countryside is akin to Adelaideans witnessing a bison migration beside the South-Eastern Freeway."

"Run by Jane and Warren Luckraft, Bendleby Ranges just happens to sit among some of the most stunning scenery in the southern Flinders."

"it’s difficult not to look greedy around the triple cream brie."