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Limestone Coast

"Geologically speaking, Australia is a relatively stable continent, but it wasn’t always that way."

What does a gum tree look like a hundred-odd years after its branches have been plaited? Read on...

Serviceton Railway Station
Thursday, 14th Jan 2016 by John Pedler

"Given that the current population of Serviceton is just over 20, the size of the station seems utterly disproportionate to its location."

The long walk to the goldrush via Chinamans Well
Tuesday, 22nd Dec 2015 by John Pedler
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"Given that the average weekly wage in Australia was around £1, the only option for many immigrants was to walk 700km from SA".

"There’s an abrupt transition from cultivated farmland to the wilds of this mallee park, the two zones separated by a few thin strands of wire."