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Four things travelling has taught me.
Friday, 27th May 2016 by John Pedler
Categories: Travel Tips

"Anglo-Saxon sensitivities are acute when it comes to distinguishing food from horror…although this doesn’t seem to extend to ‘chicken’ nuggets."

If you're staying home this Easter, there's still plenty to keep you busy in and around Adelaide. 

"IPods and the like have solved the problem of varying musical tastes, but the horror of back seat restlessness remains."

Dangers, hazards and insurance.
Tuesday, 25th Aug 2015 by John Pedler
Categories: Asia Travel Tips

Even within a country, advice can differ between regions.

How to beat the falling Australian dollar
Friday, 14th Aug 2015 by John Pedler

"There are ways of keeping the grubby hands of devaluation away from your loot."