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  • RAA is one of the most iconic service organisations in South Australia
  • More than 790K South Australian members
  • $208m spent with our program partners last financial year
  • More than 259K members engaged with the program last financial year

Let’s grow together

At RAA, we exist to keep our members moving and we’re always looking for new ways to do that. Partnering with other trusted brands gives more to our members while giving our partners the opportunity to move forward too. 

Growing your business with RAA

There’s a whole stack of benefits. To list just a few, you’ll:

  • get endorsement from a trusted South Australian brand
  • increase your market share with a point of difference over your competitors
  • the potential to increase your transaction value and volume
  • get access to monthly reporting on member purchase behaviour.

Plus, there are no joining or ongoing participation fees.

Getting your message out there

We’re proud to serve more than 755,000 South Australians. That’s a big number! But we also know and understand our members well, so we can target your message to meet their needs. We tailor marketing plans using a range of channels, a few of which are detailed below;

  • the RAA website
  • RAA app
  • sa move magazine
  • direct marketing
  • social media
  • RAA shops; and
  • out-of-home advertising.

Plus, we can work together to create fresh marketing concepts and tactical campaigns.

Handcrafted loyalty program

Our members’ interests champion every decision we make, and we handpick our partnerships with that in mind. We’re looking for businesses that:

✓ can provide and offer that's best in market and unique to our members

✓ have a strong market share or online presence

✓ understands South Australia and provides outstanding customer service

✓ can adhere to tracking member transactions and savings through our approved platform

Setting up the partnership

To make sure you get as much out of your partnership as our members, there are a few steps to take before we can kick off. 

In good company

We’re proud to partner with over 30 businesses. Click here to view the full list of our affiliated businesses and partner offers.