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*$500 minimum travel spend is calculated per holiday. Product exclusions apply. Membership obtained through the purchase of travel does not include loyalty savings or the right to vote at board elections and at meetings of RAA. See full Terms and Conditions.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I change the date I pay?

    You can make a change to the date you pay in My Account on the payment details page.

    This change can only be made if there are more than 4 days before your next payment is due. To request a one-off extension for your next direct debit payment, log in to My Account and visit the payment information page. You can update the payment for each individual product. The payment date will change back to the original date after the next payment. If you need to make a permanent change to your payment date, please call 8202 4600.

  • How can I change my bank account or credit card?

    You can change the payment method you use for direct debit payments in My Account on the payment details page. If you have multiple policies or products with us, you’ll need to update the payment details for each one individually.

  • How do I renew?

    You do not need to log in to My Account to renew. You can renew your insurance and road service using the renewal webpage 24/7.
  • How can I update my personal details and contact preferences?

    You can update your postal address, phone and email details in My Account on the personal details page.

    If you update your address, it won't change the address insured by any insurance policies. You must change those separately by contacting us. If you need to change your name, please call 8202 4600
  • What insurance claims can I make in My Account?

    Log in to My Account to lodge your claim online 24/7. If you're in urgent need of our assistance with your situation, please give us a call on 8202 4575

    Claims that can be lodged online in My Account, as applicable to your policy, include:

    • Home
    • Contents
    • Accidental damage (Contents optional cover)
    • Pet (Contents optional cover)
    • Car: Claims involving 1 single or 2 vehicles 

    Claims that need to be lodged over the phone on 8202 4575 include: 

    • Car: Claims involving three or more vehicles
    • Caravan and trailer
    • Boat
    • Motorcycle and scooter
    • Veteran, Vintage or Hard to Place vehicles
    • Landlord and Short Stay
    • Other optional covers 

     Find information about travel insurance claims online or by calling 1300 207 365

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Read more FAQs about updating your personal and payment information in My Account.