Road rules – The Driver’s Handbook

Set yourself up for success by taking these tests before the real deal.

First download The Driver’s Handbook (PDF, 9.13MB) for an overview of SA road rules and regulations, then test yourself on the things you’ll need to know to get your licence.

Test your knowledge

  • Quick quiz

    Planning to get your Ls? See how you go with our quick quiz. You'll be asked 5 questions from the give way test, followed by 10 questions from the multiple choice test.
  • Give way questions

    You'll need to correctly answer 8 give way questions as part of the test to get your Ls. See how you go with these.
  • Multiple choice test

    Getting your Ls means getting 32 out of 42 multiple choice questions correct. Test your knowledge here.
  • Hazard perception test

    Are you moving from your Ls to your P1s? You'll need to show you can identify and react to hazards on the road. You'll be asked 7 random questions from a sample of 34. Give these a try.

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