Get real-time fuel prices, straight from the source

Find the best fuel prices near you with our real-time fuel price map available online or on the RAA app.

Our real-time fuel prices come straight from the petrol station and our map is free to use for all South Australians – even if you’re not an RAA member.

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Follow the SA fuel price cycle

We publish a weekly chart tracking the daily average fuel price in Adelaide. Petrol is generally at its cheapest about 10 days after a peak, so if you see the cost per litre suddenly jump, try and hold out for a week or so, when prices should start to go down.

Fuel tips

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Is it okay to drive on low fuel?

Are you doing real damage, or is this an urban myth?

Is all fuel created equal?

Find out what’s in your fuel and whether there’s any difference between big-name brands.

5 surprising ways you're wasting fuel

Find out what can make your car use more fuel than it should and how to avoid it.

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