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Our EV products and services

RAA Charge: Our EV charging network

We're building SA's largest electric vehicle charging network. View all RAA Charge sites on our interactive map. You can also find charging sites using the Chargefox app for iOS or Android.

Insurance for your EV

Insurance for your EV

RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance covers damage to your EV, damage caused by your EV to someone else's vehicle or property, and cover if your EV is damaged by fire or stolen.*

RAA home EV charger

Home EV chargers

Our home EV charging team can help you find the perfect EV charger. We'll guide you through the purchase process, and can organise hassle-free installation by a qualified electrician.

RAA EV Road Service

Road Service for your EV

RAA Road Service covers all EVs at no extra cost. Out of charge? You can use your Road Service Towing Benefit^ to help tow your EV to the nearest charging station or to your home.

Electric vehicle car advice

Our car advice team advise on EVs too. RAA members can contact our motoring experts for free advice on everything from buying an EV to how to look after your vehicle.

Tips and advice

We've got all the tips you need for understanding, buying or charging electric vehicles.

Understanding EV basics

Are EVs cheaper to run?

Explore the costs of refuelling a petrol car versus recharging an EV.

Electric vehicle terminology explained

We break down the tech-talk and EV jargon to bring you up to speed.

What's it like to drive an EV?

Members of our team test drove an electric vehicle to find out.

Buying an EV

Australia's most affordable EVs

Discover 6 of the cheapest electric vehicles on the Aussie market.

The EV shopping experience

Take a peek into the future of car dealerships in Australia.

A review of the 2022 Polestar 2

We test drove the Polestar 2 to give you all the inside info.

Owning and charging an EV

How to charge an electric vehicle

We tell you everything you need to know to charge your new EV.

Charging plug types explained

Know your EV plug types and make the most of RAA Charge, our EV charging network.

Understanding EV charging etiquette

Explore the dos and don'ts of using a public charging station.

Home EV charger myths debunked

We tackle 5 home charging myths to separate the fact from the fiction.

Exploring the future of home technology

Could your electric vehicle be used to power your home?

Find more electric vehicle tips and advice on sa move, RAA's online magazine.

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    Stay up to date with electric vehicle announcements with RAA Daily, our community newsroom. From new RAA products and services to our EV work within South Australia, you won't miss a thing.

Things you should know

*Comprehensive Car Insurance is issued by RAA Insurance Ltd ABN 14 007 872 602. AFSL No. 232525. Limits apply. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination available from this website when deciding whether to purchase this product.

^Your Towing Benefit will differ depending on which level of Road Service you have. See our Road Service Personal Entitlements Guide for details. If you're towed to a charging station, you'll need to provide your own charging cable and/or adaptor to charge your vehicle. We can't supply charging cables or adaptors for electric vehicles, and any costs associated with charging the vehicle will be at your own expense.