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Feeling flat? We can replace your car battery

If you're an RAA Road Service holder, take comfort knowing we’ll get you back on the road 24/7. Book a mobile battery replacement for a time that suits you. Or, for immediate help, request Road Service on 13 11 11 or the RAA app.

Don't have RAA Road Service? Book your mobile car battery replacement and we’ll help you buy Road Service in the process. Or, non-members can visit our Battery Service Centres

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Get a battery price and book a replacement

Book a battery replacement for a time and place that suits you. Whether your car battery is flat or showing signs of age, we can test, replace or jump start it to keep you moving.

Plus, you can search for your vehicle to see your battery price before booking.

Bookings available to Road Service holders only. 

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Visit a battery stockist

Our stockists offer a wide range of RAA batteries for cars, boats, motorcycles, caravans, 4WDs and mobility scooters.

Visit for a free battery health check, replacement, or to buy a battery.

Available to all, including non-RAA members. Installation fees may apply.

Why choose RAA car batteries?

  • Australia-wide warranty

    Our RAA car batteries have an Australia-wide warranty of up to 36 months.
  • Price-match guarantee

    We'll give you the best car battery price every time with our price-match guarantee.
  • Piggy bank

    Further discounts on offer

    Premium and Plus Road Service holders get $20 off car battery prices.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much will a new car battery cost?

    You can find our car battery prices online. Select your car’s make and model to find the best battery and price for you.

    Plus, you can get the best price every time with our price-match guarantee.

  • What should I look for when buying a new car battery?

    Your new car battery should match the manufacturer’s specifications of your current battery and have the same or higher cold cranking amps (CCA). Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier and that the written warranty covers full replacement.

    Our Road Service patrols and Battery Service Centres can identify the best battery for your car and install it for you. RAA car batteries are reliable and come with an Australia-wide warranty of up to 36 months.   

  • Why should I buy an RAA car battery?

    We’re South Australia’s most trusted roadside assistance provider, so only quality batteries carry the RAA name. Whether you book a mobile car battery replacement or visit a Battery Service Centre, you’ll benefit from our extensive battery range. Our price-match guarantee ensures you get the best car battery price every time, and all RAA car batteries come with an Australia-wide warranty of up to 36 months.

  • Can RAA replace my mobility scooter battery?

    Yes. If you hold any level of RAA Road Service, you can call us for roadside assistance for your mobility scooter. Our patrols carry mobility scooter batteries and will do their best to get you going again. Find out more about mobility scooters and RAA.

  • Can RAA help with my electric vehicle?

    Yes. All levels of RAA Road Service cover electric vehicles, from hybrids to full battery electric vehicles (BEVs). There’s no extra cost for EV Road Service call-outs. If you run into trouble on the road, we’ll send a patrol who is trained to work with EVs and can replace your 12 volt battery.

    Out of charge? You can use your Road Service Towing Benefit to help tow your EV to the nearest charging station or to your home. Your Towing Benefit will differ depending on which level of Road Service you have. See our Road Service Personal Entitlements Guide for details.

    If you’re towed to a charging station, you’ll need to provide your own charging cable and/or adaptor to charge your vehicle. We can’t supply charging cables or adaptors for electric vehicles, and any costs associated with charging the vehicle will be at your own expense.

Battery tips and advice

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Things you should know

Free delivery and installation applies to most automotive and mobility scooter batteries. All other batteries – for example, boat, motorcycle, caravan and some car batteries – will need to be installed at a Service Centre. Installation fees may apply.

Price-match guarantee is subject to RAA battery price-match guarantee terms and conditions.

Find out more about our RAA battery warranties.