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Rewarding loyalty

We love to reward our loyal members. The longer you’ve been with RAA and the more products you have with us, the more you could save. 

How you can save

To get these savings, you just need to have at least 1 Road Service product and 1 Insurance product with us, excluding Travel Insurance. The amount you save will depend on how long you've been a member with us.

We've included a handy reference table on this page to show how much you could save.


For example, if you're a blue member with Road Service and Comprehensive Car Insurance with us, you'll get:

  • $20 off your Road Service
  • $20 off your Comprehensive Car Insurance

That's a total saving of $40 a year.


Or if you’re a gold member with Road Service, Comprehensive Car Insurance, and Home and Contents Insurance with us, you’ll get:

  • $30 off your Road Service
  • $30 off your Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • $60 off your Home and Contents Insurance

That’s a total saving of $120 a year.


If you buy any other Road Service or Insurance products from us in the future, you’ll get member discounts on those too.


0 to 4 years
5 to 9 years
10 to 24 years
25 to 49 years
Gold 50
50+ years
Road Service products $20 $20 $30 $30 $30
Comprehensive Car Insurance $20 $20 $30 $30 $30
Home and Contents Insurance $40 $40 $60 $60 $60
Home or Contents Insurance $20 $20 $30 $30 $30
Other insurance policies $20 $20 $30 $30 $30

Other ways to save

  • 10% multi-policy discount

    We give you a 10% discount on each policy when you hold three or more insurance policies with RAA (excluding Travel Insurance) in the same name.*
  • 10% discount for Seniors Card holders

    Seniors Card holders are entitled to a 10% discount on their car insurance policy.*
  • 50% discount for Gold50 members

    Gold50 members get 50% off Standard Road Service – or the same amount off if you choose a higher level of cover.
*Discounts do not apply to optional benefits or statutory charges. A minimum premium applies. Discounts to your existing insurance policies will be applied at the next renewal of each policy.

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How to become an RAA member

By taking up any of these RAA products you'll enjoy the benefits of being an RAA member:

So whether you're with RAA on the road, at home or on holiday, you can enjoy the benefits that come with being a part of the state's largest member organisation.


*$500 minimum travel spend is calculated per holiday. Product exclusions apply. Membership obtained through the purchase of travel does not include loyalty savings or the right to vote at board elections and at meetings of RAA. See full Terms and Conditions.