All RAA members are bound by the constitution of Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Incorporated, as amended from time to time, and by any specific terms and conditions imposed under the Constitution of RAA.

Copies of the Constitution of RAA can be obtained by writing to:

Corporate Secretariat
101 Richmond Road

a. By purchasing a qualifying RAA product, you agree to become a member of RAA and to be bound by the Constitution of RAA (available here - PDF, 972KB) or by writing to the address listed above.

b. You authorise any officer of RAA to execute any document on your behalf necessary or desirable to facilitate you becoming a member of RAA.

c. If you cease to hold a relevant RAA product that qualifies you to remain a member of RAA pursuant to the Constitution of RAA or the regulations made under that Constitution, you will at that time, unless the Chief Executive (in their absolute discretion) determines otherwise, immediately cease to be a member of RAA and cease to be entitled to any rights and privileges associated with that membership.

d. In the event of the circumstances set out in paragraph (c) above, and in order to secure RAA's rights under paragraph (c), in consideration for RAA admitting you as a member, you irrevocably authorise any officer of RAA to execute on your behalf any document necessary or desirable to effect your resignation as a member of RAA, including giving a notice of resignation under clause 6.2 of the Constitution of RAA.

The following terms and conditions provide further guidance regarding the provision of RAA Membership and application of member benefits.


Continuous years of membership

  • Maintaining continuity of your membership brings with it additional benefit entitlements. To access these additional benefits, a Qualifying Annuity Product must be held.
  • RAA will also recognise and/or credit additional membership years (for the purpose of determining continuous years of membership) where a person transfers a current membership of an affiliated motoring organisation to RAA.
Termination of membership

A member who abuses, offends or puts at risk any member of RAA's staff or any contractor in the carrying out of their usual duties may be charged with conduct detrimental to RAA. In such cases the Chief Executive has the power to expel the person from membership of RAA. Upon expulsion from RAA, the member forfeits all rights and claims on RAA.

Membership verification/validation
  • All members of RAA are issued with a personal, unique membership number, and official membership identification, in the form of a membership card.
  • Membership cards remain the property of RAA and are not transferable.
  • Membership cards are not valid until signed by you. The membership card is not a credit card and does not provide any explicit benefits in its own right, but rather is purely for identification purposes.
  • The membership card should be presented in all dealings with RAA or when accessing member services or entitlements. In circumstances where you are unable to produce your membership identification, you may be required to provide alternative forms of identification or certify your entitlement to service in writing.
  • Any benefit obtained by presenting the membership card may be subject to separate terms and conditions as amended from time to time.
  • RAA is not liable for any malfunction of the membership card nor for any unauthorised use of the card or delays in issuing or replacing the card.
  • You must notify RAA as soon as possible if your membership identification is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.
Changing membership details
  • Only the named members or a person authorised by the named members may request a change in membership details.
  • Certain changes in members’ personal details may require the lodgement of documented proof prior to being actioned by RAA.
Voting rights

Although there are various classes of RAA membership, only Eligible Members of RAA have the right to vote in board elections and at meetings of RAA.

Membership obtained through the purchase of travel

RAA membership will be offered to RAA travel customers who book travel to the value of $500 or more, subject to the following terms.

The $500 minimum spend is calculated per holiday. 

All passengers in the booking who are not currently RAA members and are over 16 years of age will be offered membership.

The following travel bookings are excluded and any expenditure on these items will not count towards the $500 minimum spend: 

  • bookings made through third party websites;
  • online bookings for tickets, car hire, campervan hire, attractions or SA experiences; and
  • purchases of gift cards, international driving permits, luggage or travel accessories.

The terms and conditions governing RAA membership are set out in the RAA Constitution (PDF 972KB).

The membership will be RAA’s ‘Lifestyle’ membership. This does not include RAA’s loyalty saving program or the right to vote at RAA elections or meetings. Further information regarding the list of entitlements and benefits will be provided with each new member’s welcome email.

The membership will commence for all parties from the date the initial deposit is paid, and will expire twelve months after the holiday departure date. If the travel is rescheduled the membership will continue until 12 months after the departure date (provided all other eligibility criteria continues to be met).

If the travel booking is cancelled, the membership(s) will be cancelled.

RAA may amend these terms at any time by publishing new terms on the RAA website.