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Specialised inspections from the experts

From checking the accuracy of your speedo to ensuring crash repairs are done properly, take a look at RAA’s comprehensive range of specialised vehicle inspections. 

RAA members save 15% on vehicle inspections, plus we also offer free headlight aiming adjustments for our members.

RAA provides more than 30 types of inspections

Our qualified technicians are here to help with:

  • Taxi and Rideshare inspections
  • checking speedometer accuracy
  • accident repair inspections
  • vehicle valuations
  • diagnosing a fault
  • NSW and NT roadworthy checks (Call to book)
  • and lots of other speciality inspections.

To book an inspection:

Book online
8202 4688

Taxi and Rideshare inspections (and recheck)

From $110.50 (Member price)

If you drive a taxi or a rideshare vehicle, you’ll need to get your vehicle inspected. RAA’s authorised by the state government to carry out these inspections at our Mile End Service Centre. RAA members and Fleet customers get a 10% discount on the non-member price for Rideshare inspections.

Recheck inspections from $52 (Member price) and defect removals from $45 (Member price)
If you need to get your vehicle rechecked or you’ve had a problem fixed and want to get the defect removed, we can help with that too. Recheck inspections can only be completed at the same authorised inspection station that conducted the original inspection.

To book an inspection:

Book online
8202 4688


Half hour from $95 (Member price); Full hour from $145 (Member price)

Do you have a fault or problem with your car that’s been causing concern? RAA’s inspection team can help find the cause. 

There’s a half-hour inspection that allows time to identify and report on a specific issue, or a one-hour inspection for multiple or more complex faults. 

For the best outcomes, provide your experienced RAA technical advisor with as much information as possible about the issue. You can chat with an advisor on the phone beforehand and, after the inspection, you’ll get a written report. Inspections are carried out at RAA’s Mile End Service Centre.

To book an inspection:

Book online
8202 4688

NSW & NT roadworthy/safety checks

Checks for cars, trailers, bikes and caravans from $115

RAA is the only organisation in South Australia authorised to carry out these compulsory roadworthy checks on NSW & NT registered vehicles, due for re-registration in their home state or territory. 

This includes vehicles of up to 12 seats and commercial vehicles of up to two tonnes, as well as trailers, bikes and caravans. These inspections are completed at RAA’s Mile End Service Centre or at one of our RAA Approved Vehicle Inspection Centres. RAA also recommends you contact your state’s Department of Transport for advice.

NSW & NT safety check re-inspection: $20 admin fee only

This RAA service is for the re-inspection of previously identified faults that require a final check before the vehicle can be passed.

Please note: Bookings for interstate roadworthy inspections must be made under the address where the vehicle is registered, and in the state for which a roadworthy certificate is sought.

To book an inspection:

Call 8202 4688

Speedometer accuracy checks

2WD vehicles from $135 (Member price); Special and 4WD vehicles from $150 (Member price)

Speedometer accuracy inspections are carried out at RAA’s Mile End Service Centre. This inspection is not to be confused with ‘odometer’ inspections, which RAA doesn’t perform.

We can also test special vehicles like VW Beetles and Kombis and station wagons, as well as vehicles that have 4WD/AWD permanently engaged, provided they have a towbar with a tongue attached to help perform the test.

Chat with an RAA technical advisor for more information on 8202 4688.

To book an inspection:

Book online
Call 8202 4688

Crash repair inspections

Complete vehicle from $445 (Member price); Body and paint from
$255 (Member price)

If you want to ensure your crash repairs have been properly carried out, RAA’s technical advisors can help. We can inspect the complete vehicle (this covers paint, body, trim and crash-related mechanical components, including front and rear-wheel alignment), or just the body and paint (some minor mechanical items are checked in this inspection too). 

RAA will take into account the repair quote you provide and fully examine the vehicle at our Mile End Service Centre. We recommend the car is clean in order to properly assess paint repairs. 

Please note: This inspection does not include an x-ray of structural components for defects or measure the thickness of paint. After the inspection, you’ll get a written report.

To book an inspection:

Book online
Call 8202 4688

Vehicle valuation

Pre-crash valuation: from $255 (Member price)

If your vehicle’s been damaged in a crash, RAA can determine its pre-crash value to ensure you get a fair price for settlement. You’ll only need to inform RAA of the incident date and provide any details of offers for settlement. Valuations are then fully researched, which takes a minimum of 2 working days. 

Please note: Any vehicle optional extras that have been removed can’t be included in the valuation. Also, if any engine or transmission modifications are to be included, we’ll need copies of invoices to support the value of those changes.

Written vehicle valuation: From $245 (Member price)

This inspection will determine the value of a vehicle for insurance and/or court purposes. We’ll need the vehicle for at least 2 hours and, depending on the level of research required, RAA will provide you with a written valuation within 2 working days. All inspections are carried out at our Mile End Service Centre.

To book an inspection:

Book online
Call 8202 4688

Recheck inspection

Workshop recheck inspection: From $95 (Member price)

Checks that faults previously identified by an RAA inspection have been rectified. These inspections are carried out at our Mile End Service Centre.

To book an inspection:

Call 8202 4688

Headlight aim check

Free for RAA members

RAA has offered RAA members free headlight aiming checks and adjustments since 1927.

Please note: These free inspections are carried out at our Mile End Service Centre and do not include light bulb replacement.

To book an inspection:

Call 8202 4688

Chassis alignment check

From $90 (Member price)

RAA will check your wheelbase and chassis alignment to ensure a smoother and safer ride, and to help reduce tyre wear. These checks are carried out at our Mile End Service Centre.

To book an inspection:

Call 8202 4688

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Things you should know

Terms and conditions:

Keep in mind that prices may change due to things like unexpected difficulties with the vehicle, removal of parts and covers, or the need for additional workshop facilities. Take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 383 KB) that may apply to your type of inspection.

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