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Our Risky Rides survey identifies infrastructure gaps on roads, cycle lanes and paths that pose the biggest risk to cyclists, empowering us to advocate for safer cycling infrastructure.

One in five of our members are cyclists, and as a leading road safety advocate we support cycling infrastructure that increases cycling safety and participation and improves the interaction between cyclists, pedestrians and motorists in South Australia.


The 2022 Risky Rides survey

Our 2022 survey saw nearly 400 people make nearly 800 nominations across South Australian locations. Respondents wanted investment to make commutes safer and improve connectivity with existing infrastructure. The report presents key areas and opportunities to provide safe and continuous on and off-road cycling infrastructure suitable for cyclists of all age and skill groups.

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Top 10 on-road risky rides

These roads received the highest number of nominations in our 2022 survey.

Ranking Road name Details
1 Greenhill Road The section between Fullarton Road and Glen Osmond Road, including the Fullarton Road intersection, was highly raised, as well as difficulties crossing Greenhill Road in various locations.
2 Main North Road Many respondents raised the section between Nottage Terrace and O’Connell Street due to a lack of cycle infrastructure, whilst the section between Salisbury and Gawler also attracted a high number of nominations.
3 Payneham Road / North Terrace Intersections along the corridor were singled out by more than two thirds of respondents, mostly for a lack of continuous cycle lanes.
4 South Road Nearly three quarters of nominations were for intersections, with most issues raised regarding safety concerns for cyclists making east-west crossings of South Road at intersections.
5 Fullarton Road Most nominations were for intersections and involved east-west cyclist movements across Fullarton Road rather than north-south travel on Fullarton Road.
6 North East Road / Northcote Terrace Most nominations were for midblock sections and related to a lack of, or discontinuous, cycle lanes.
7 Frome Street Almost every nomination for Frome Street was for the missing part of the Frome Street Bikeway between Rundle Street and North Terrace.
8 Port Road Almost half of the nominations for Port Road related to various issues in the section between James Congdon Drive and West Terrace.
9 Sir Donald Bradman Drive Issues raised included dooring risk between West Terrace and James Congdon Drive, and intersections. Marion Road was the most raised intersection along the corridor.
10 Portrush Road Half of nominations referred to the section between Greenhill Road and the South Eastern Freeway (Crafers Bikeway), while intersections at Payneham Road and The Parade also received multiple nominations for unsafe east-west movements.

Top 5 off-road risky rides

These cycle paths received the highest number of nominations in our 2022 survey.

Ranking Path name Details
1 River Torrens Linear Park Path maintenance was raised in one third of nominations, with connectivity between the path and the CBD, as well as other paths, also raised. Lighting in the St Peters area was identified as another concern.
2 Adelaide Parklands A wide range of issues were raised by respondents nominating paths in the Adelaide Parklands. Many nominations cited difficulties crossing various roads that pass through the Parklands.
3 Tapa Martinthi Yala
(Northern Connector)
Most nominations related to the flooding of major road underpasses of Port Wakefield Road (Bolivar) and Salisbury Highway (Dry Creek), with path connectivity in the Bolivar area also raised as an issue. Some respondents also highlighted outer growth areas, such as Virginia, that do not have safe access to the path across the North-South Corridor.
4 Dry Creek Trail Nominations for the Dry Creek Trail were varied, with several nominations raised for the intersection with McIntyre Road / Wright Road (Modbury), and the point where the trail crosses Bridge Road (Pooraka). A need for a better rail crossing in Mawson Lakes and path sealing were also raised by multiple respondents.
5 Coast Park Path More than one third of nominations were for the missing 4.5km section between Semaphore and Grange, whilst other nominations were scattered along other parts of the route and typically involved incomplete sections between Moana and Port Willunga.

Top 5 infrastructure gaps

These individual cycle infrastructure gaps received the most nominations in our 2022 survey.

Ranking Road or path name Details
1 Frome Street Bikeway
(Rundle Street to North Terrace)
Missing section of bikeway
2 Greenhill Road
(Fullarton Road to Glen Osmond Road)
Missing cycle lane
3 Adelaide East-West Bikeway Strong demand for bikeway
4 Richmond Road
(Railway Terrace to Anzac Highway)
Missing cycle lane
5 Coast Park Path
(Semaphore to Grange)
Missing section of shared path

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