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RAA has a long association with motoring in South Australia, and we've been providing independent vehicle inspection services since the 1920s. Over this time we've established a reputation for trust, reliability and attention to detail. 

Show your customers you have confidence in the quality of your cars by having them inspected by RAA. You can choose to have just one vehicle inspected, or your entire inventory.

For more information contact our Motoring Services Business Development Manager, Rob Clapp, on 0419 686 373.

What does a vehicle inspection offer your business?

  • A comprehensive, independent report on each vehicle.
  • If the inspection is conducted prior to a vehicle being available for sale, any faults it highlights can be fixed. You can then be confident of getting the best price for each vehicle.
  • A handy value-added closing tool for your sales staff, who’ll be able to close a sale without the customer needing additional time to organise their own inspection.
  • Displaying the ‘Inspected by RAA’ label on your cars will show you take pride in the quality of your vehicles.

What does the inspection cover?

The inspection covers the key components of a vehicle including the engine, gearbox, clutch, cooling system, steering, brakes, suspension, drive shaft, electrical, security, wheels and tyres, underbody, interior trim, and body work. The detailed report will be emailed to you immediately after it’s completed.

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