• How do I pay my renewal?

    You can renew your RAA Insurance or Road Service policies online 24/7. 
    You’ll need to enter your policy number and the surname of the primary contact (the person we communicate with about the policy and send the notice to). You can find these details on your renewal notice. You can only renew after you receive this notice.

    You can also renew by calling 8202 4600 or visiting an RAA shop. If you need to make changes when you renew, you can only make them by phone or in-store.

  • Do I need to pay a renewal?

    For RAA Road Service or Insurance policies, you’ll either need to take steps to renew or will it automatically renew.

    • If it’s paid by direct debit, it will automatically renew.
    • If it’s not paid by direct debit, you’ll have to renew online, by phone or in-store.

    Either way, we’ll send you a renewal notice with information before your policy ends. Always check your renewal notice to confirm what you need to do to renew. If you do need to renew, you can only renew after you receive this notice.

  • Can I change my next direct debit date online?

    Yes, you can make a one-off change to your next direct debit date online by logging into RAA My Account. Choose 'My products' from the menu and then choose the product you'd like the change the direct debit date for. You'll then see the option to change your next direct debit date under the 'Payment details' heading.

    It can take up to 4 business days for changes to your next direct debit date to be applied. If your next payment is scheduled to happen sooner than that, you'll need to call us on 8202 4600 to arrange the change.

    If you have multiple policies or products with us, you'll need to update the direct debit date for each one individually.

    A payment can be delayed for a maximum of 14 days from your original scheduled payment date. Payments scheduled on a public holiday will be processed the next business day.

  • Can I change my direct debit account or credit card online?

    You can change the payment method you use for direct debit payments in My Account on the payment details page. If you have multiple policies or products with us, you’ll need to update the payment details for each one individually.

  • How do I check my payment details?

    Register or log in to RAA My Account anytime to check your payment date, payment method and any amount outstanding for each of your policies and products. You can also call us on 8202 4600 or visit an RAA shop.
  • How do I tell RAA that a person has passed away?

    You can notify us in the manner you’re most comfortable with. Our staff will handle your situation with care, ensuring you’re supported during this difficult time.

    You can:

    We’ll request certain documentation from you, depending on the circumstances. We may need a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the will, or a letter of administration.

    Or, we can be notified through the Australian Death Notification Service – a free service that can notify multiple organisations for you. You’ll need to supply a death certificate to use this service.


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