• If I don’t use my 4 call-outs a year on Standard, do they accumulate?

    Your entitlements only last one year from the start date of your cover. After this, they all reset, so you won’t accumulate call-outs. Plus and Premium Road Service offer unlimited call-outs if you think you’ll need more than 4.

  • Will my Road Service cover my friends and family members?

    RAA Road Service covers you no matter what car you’re driving, so each of your friends and family will need to have their own cover in case they break down. 

    To make things easier, Road Service for families allows you to manage renewals and payments on the one account and gives you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are covered. Plus, there’s a discount for each person that’s added to the group. 

  • Is my motorbike and/or scooter covered by RAA Road Service?

    Absolutely. Just like with any other car, we’ll try and get your motorbike or scooter going, and if we can’t, we’ll organise a tow under the normal towing limitations of your cover level. 

  • I’ve broken down – what do I do now?

    Getting help is easy. Just call us on 13 11 11 and we’ll send help. In most cases, we’ll get you back up and running, but if we can’t, we’ll organise a tow back to a safe place or to a repairer.

    So we can get to you as soon as possible, have the following info handy when you call:

    • your RAA member number;
    • details of your vehicle, including registration number, make, model and colour of your car;
    • information on your location, like street name, suburb/town, closest intersection, which side of the street you’re on, any distinguishing landmarks, or other details that’ll help us find you; and
    • details of what happened and what appears to the be the problem. 

    It’s important that you stay safe until help arrives, so let us know as soon as you call if you’re worried about your safety, or there are any other extraordinary circumstances. 

  • How can I check my level of cover?

    Sign into My Account to manage your cover and update your personal information. You must register for an account the first time you access My Account.

  • Can I get Road Service for my mobility scooter?

    Certainly. What’s more, you don’t need to buy additional cover. If you hold any level of Road Service – Standard, Plus or Premium – we’ll help when your mobility scooter breaks down.

  • Can I call Road Service after I’ve been in a crash too?

    RAA Road Service is provided for vehicle breakdowns or unexpected issues with your car's mechanic or electronics.

    If your car needs to be towed after a crash, you'll need to call the SA Government Accident Towing Service on 8116 9209, and then discuss the next steps with your insurer. 

  • I don’t have Road Service but my vehicle’s broken down – what are my options?

    If you’re in need of Road Service, call 13 11 11. You’ll need to buy Road Service and we’ll then send help. If you’re not an existing RAA member, you’ll have to pay an additional $90 call-out fee and some service restrictions will apply.

  • I just bought Road Service; can I use it straight away?

    A 48-hour waiting period applies when you buy Road Service.If something does happen you can still access your Road Service, but additional charges and service restrictions may apply. The same restrictions apply after upgrading your cover. 

  • Where will you tow me if I break down in the country?

    If you’ve broken down in the country, your Road Service will cover a tow with standard towing equipment back to the designated RAA Country Service Depot, based on your location. Distances depend on your level of cover and can be found in the Road Service Personal Entitlements Guide.

  • Can I access my Road Service if I drive interstate?

    Absolutely.We have sister clubs in every state and you’ll be routed to them for Road Service if you’re in their territory. Your interstate entitlements are the equivalent of their base level product,  so you may need to pay for additional services and some towing. Hold on to your receipts though – RAA may be able to refund those expenses, subject to the limits of your cover.

    Our sister clubs across Australia are:

    • NRMA in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
    • RACV in Victoria
    • RACQ in Queensland
    • RAC in Western Australia
    • RACT in Tasmania
    • AANT in Northern Territory

  • Can I access my Road Service if I drive overseas?

    Many overseas auto clubs will offer service to RAA members. Click here and select the country you're travelling in from the drop-down menu. If you see a motoring club listed next to "Club", then reciprocal service will be available and that club's contact details will also be included. If the "Club" field for the country you've selected is empty, no reciprocal service will be available for RAA members in that country.
  • I’m moving states – can I transfer my cover from one to another?

    The short answer is yes. You can transfer to or from RAA; however in either case, you’ll need to contact the organisation you’re leaving to cancel any existing products or arrangements.

    Transferring to an affiliate club: If you’re moving interstate and would like to transfer your Road Service to one of our sister clubs, simply contact that organisation directly to discuss their equivalent levels of cover and membership options.
    Transferring to RAA: To transfer your Road Service from an interstate club to RAA, visit an RAA Shop or call us on 08 8202 4610. You’ll need to have the details of your previous roadside assistance with your affiliate club on hand. Any previous years of service with your interstate affiliate club can be transferred to RAA and vice versa.

  • I’m going overseas for a while – what should I do with my Road Service? 

    If you’re moving overseas – or travelling for an extended period – but still want to maintain your tenure and membership status with RAA for your return, you can place your membership on hold for up to 2 years. Please note, this won’t entitle you to a refund of any payments already made.

  • Can Road Service be paid monthly like my insurance?

    You can pay your Road Service by monthly direct debit from either a bank account or credit card for no extra charge. If that’s not for you, but you want to make sure you never miss a renewal, you can also set up an automatic annual debit. You can set this up at your next renewal by calling 8202 4610 or dropping in to your local Shop. 

  • Do you offer discounts for Seniors Card holders, pensioners or other concession card holders?

    We want Road Service to be fair for everyone, and offering discounts to a select portion of our membership base would mean an increase in costs for other members, or across the board. We’re also not subsidised by the government in any way for the services we provide. However, we do reward loyalty. Not only do we offer savings with a range of retailers and service providers, but the longer you’ve been a member, and the more products you hold, the more you can save.

  • My new car comes with Road Service – can I get a refund on my RAA cover?

    Many manufacturers now offer roadside assistance free of charge when you buy a new car. It’s important to remember this service only covers the vehicle, whereas RAA Road Service covers you no matter what car you’re driving. So, you may actually want to keep both.

    Road Service payments aren’t refundable, and if you cancel your cover, you might lose your membership status and any associated benefits. You can however put your membership on hold and retain your tenure for up to 2 years should you wish to rejoin when your manufacturer’s roadside assistance expires. 

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