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Congratulations to all our winners

Winners will be notified directly via email if they have won a competition.

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List of cancelled competitions:

Following the implementation of the Government’s social distancing requirements due to COVID-19, a number of events throughout South Australia have been cancelled or postponed. As a result RAA is unable to offer the prizes in the following competitions and therefore these competitions will no longer be drawn:

  • Win tickets to the State Opera’s Carmina Burana
  • Win a 2020 Tasting Australia Experience
  • samotor: Win A Tasting Australia Experience
  • Tasting Australia: Win 1 of 2 double passes to a Vintage Express Tour
  • samotor : Win French Film Festival double passes

List of winners from past competitions:

TV Show brand name survey
  1. M. Young
  2. P. Sullivan
  3. R. Smith
  4. M Arlt
  5. G. Dix
RAA finance survey
  1. K. Waples
  2. L. Swain
  3. H. Hunter
RAA Travel showcase event survey
  1. W. Fuss
  2. B. Miller
  3. C. Mignone
RAA Mad March: VIP Fringe experience
  1. M. Zoumis - Tom Gleeson 
  2. J. Thiel - Tom Gleeson 
  3. R. Benedetto - Rogue
RAA Mad March: Double 4-day pass to WOMADelaide 
  1. M. Neil 
RAA Mad March: Adelaide Festival tickets, double passes to Cold Blood and Lyon Opera Ballet  
  1. N. Murray - Cold Blood 
  2. G. Muth - Cold Blood
  3. S. Taylor - Cold Blood 
  4. D. Laven - Cold Blood 
  5. D. Hoffman - Cold Blood 
  6. J. Liebich - Lyon Opera Ballet
  7. L. Warren - Lyon Opera Ballet
  8. J. Tkalec - Lyon Opera Ballet
  9. E. Kamakian - Lyon Opera Ballet
  10. D. Harmon - Lyon Opera Ballet 
RAA Mad March: Ultimate RCC Experience
  1. J. Slugget  
RAA Mad March: Double 4-day GA pass to Superloop Adelaide 500 
  1. M. Nitschke
  2. R. Cronin 
  3. R. Doudle
  4. P. Hawes 
  5. V. Constable 
Woolworths competition to win a $25 CIBO espresso voucher

Download the list of winners (PDF, 306KB)

Cruise event survey:
  1. S. Standford
  2. B. Warburton
  3. B. Downard
Home survey:
  1. T. Moore
  2. J. Davidson
  3. S. McSeveney
Travel events preferences survey
  1. W. Colebatch
  2. D. Delaney
  3. E. Brooker
Shoprider Accessories
  1. L. Wood

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