Driver Education

Log Book & VORT Info

At RAA, you can train via the Log Book method, also known as Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A), or we can provide training to prepare you for your Vehicle On Road Test (VORT).

Log Book or Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A)

90 minute lesson

Your instructor will guide you through a variety of driving situations as you learn the skills required to be a safe and competent driver.

This method breaks your learning-to-drive journey into achievable steps.

As you successfully complete each of the 30 required tasks, this will be recorded by your instructor.

Upon successful completion of all these tasks you will be issued with a Certificate of Competency.

Then, once you have completed 75 hours of supervised driving, including 15 hours at night (to be recorded in your log book), you can get your provisional licence.

It’s important to know that:

  • If you change instructors during you Log Book training, your new instructor will need to check that you can successfully perform any skills that have already been signed off.
  • You will be assessed by the instructor as you learn, and when you have demonstrated competency in all CBT&A tasks you will be booked in for a Task 30 review assessment. Task 30 prices include additional Examiner & Government Fees, some conditions apply - please ask when you book.

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VORT (Vehicle on Road Test)

60 minute lesson

Your instructor will prepare you for your VORT test. RAA conducts 60 minute VORT practice tests from selected RAA Shops: Mile End, Modbury, Elizabeth, Marion, Colonnades, Mount Barker and West Lakes.

A VORT with an examiner takes around 45 minutes and involves general driving and the successful completion of 5 slow-speed manoeuvres;

  • 3-point turn
  • reverse parallel park
  • U-turn
  • angle park
  • moving off from parking on a hill.  

The general drive will include a variety of situations like;

  • turning on to busy roads,
  • driving along narrow streets,
  • turning at traffic lights
  • negotiating roundabouts.

The examiner will also be observing your overall control of the vehicle.

The VORT is pass or fail, so it’s important to experience as much supervised driving practice as possible before taking this test.

It’s important to know that:

  • Your VORT examiner must be different to your driver training instructor.
  • Breaking any road rule during a VORT results in an immediate fail.
  • Passing a VORT requires successful completion of the 5 low-speed manoeuvres and at least a 90% mark in the general drive.
  •  If you fail you must wait 14 days before attempting another VORT.

To get your provisional licence you will also need to complete at least 75 hours of supervised driving including 15 hours at night (to be recorded in your log book).

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