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Commercial Road Service

RAA offers Fleet, Fee for Service and Taxi Road Service.

A vehicle breakdown, a flat battery or an empty fuel tank can lead to inconvenient delays and expensive towing bills.

If your company vehicles are covered by RAA Commercial Road Service, you can rest assured that roadside assistance is only a phone call away.

RAA Commercial Road Service covers the vehicle, so it doesn’t matter who’s behind the wheel when the company car rolls to an unexpected stop.

With service available 24/7, 365 days of the year, we’ll help keep your business on the move.

FleetFee for ServiceTaxi
Fleet Road Service - Levels of cover

Fleet Road Service is a vehicle based service that covers the nominated vehicle(s) for mechanical or electrical breakdown, no matter who's driving.

 Premium $196 / year (per vehicle) Plus $148 / year (per vehicle)

To buy Fleet Road Service call 8202 4821

Summary of benefits
24/7 Road Service, Australia-wide Unlimited call-outs Unlimited call-outs
Towing Metro / Country Up to 50km / 200km Up to 20km / 100km
Locksmith subsidy Up to $150 a year Up to $75 a year
Accommodation after breakdown Up to 5 nights Up to 3 nights
Hire car after breakdown Up to 7 days Up to 5 days
Taxi $55 a year 
Heavy or oversize vehicles and/or special towing equipment Up to $300 per year 
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To buy Fleet Road Service call 8202 4821

*A minimum rate of $296 for Plus and $392 for Premium applies to Commercial Fleet Road Service (Prices include GST)

To manage your existing Fleet Road Service call 8202 4821

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