At a glance


805,000 members


$55.9m in member savings and discounts


344,000+ Road Service call-outs attended


$525m in home and car insurance claims


40,000+ RAA Travel holidays booked


14,000+ residential and commercial solar panels installed


Electric vehicle charging network launched


33,000+ kids educated on road safety


$350,000+ in community grants and partnerships

It's better to be a member

As we reach 805,000 members, more South Aussies are realising it’s better to be an RAA member.


358,000+ members saved $31.3m through our member discount program


We welcomed more than 15,000 new members


We had an 85% overall member satisfaction rating

Better for members

We were there when you needed us most

  • We helped with more than 908,000 calls for assistance.
  • We insured more than 444,000 vehicles.
  • We replaced more than 68,000 batteries.
  • We inspected more than 7,500 vehicles.
  • We incurred more than $258m in Motor Insurance claims.

The Road Service functionality in our RAA app was rolled out in regional South Australia, giving regional members access to roadside assistance at their fingertips.

Our RAA Go app helped more than 20,000 South Australians plan their journey by finding the best, cheapest and most sustainable transport options.

And our Patrols received electric vehicle training so they can keep all members moving, no matter what car you choose to drive.

We were there when you needed insurance and repairs

We're expanding our offerings and helping more members in their own home than ever before.

  • We now connect with more than 70% of South Aussie households.
  • We provided more than $1.7m in Trade Assist services from plumbing to roof repairs and everything in between.
  • We insured more than 183,000 of your homes.
  • We incurred more than $267m in Home Insurance claims.

RAA Insurance is leading the way in South Australia when it comes to customer satisfaction. We were recognised by Canstar for the fifth year running as having the most satisfied home and motor insurance customers in the state.

We're making holiday dreams come true for more South Aussies than ever before

  • We achieved more than $81m in travel sales.
  • We booked more than 40,000 holidays.
  • We insured more than 45,000 holiday makers.
  • We recruited 50 more South Aussies to our travel team.
  • We welcomed more than 1,300 members through our new travel pathway to membership program.

We supported the South Australian tourism industry through our partnerships with the likes of the South Australian Tourism Commission and Tourism Industry Council of South Australia.

We presented Australia’s premier food and wine festival, Tasting Australia, attracting more than 68,000 visitors to Town Square and boosting the local tourism economy.

And through 7 Network’s Discover with RAA Travel show we’re helping to showcase the best of South Australia and global holiday destinations.

We're helping power your future

On the road:

  • On 2 March 2023 we launched RAA Charge, South Australia’s first border-to-border electric vehicle (EV) charging network.
  • 41 EV charging locations were either installed or entered construction.
  • 96 site host agreements were put in place.
  • We negotiated with 34 councils across the state.
  • We connected with thousands of people through the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, helping educate them on the future of EVs.


In the home:

  • We installed more than 14,000 solar panels on the rooftops of homes across the state.
  • We grew our solar and battery business with the acquisition of Living Energy and Lovell Electrical, giving us commercial installation capacity.
  • We delivered our first commercial solar installation, installing a massive 240 solar panels at Torresan Estate winery.
  • We launched our home EV charger installation service, helping members charge their vehicles smarter and more sustainably.

Better for our community


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