Frequently asked questions

  • What type of charging sites and plugs does the network have?

    When finished, the RAA Charge network will have 86 Destination (7kW) charging sites and 54 Rapid (150kW) or Ultra-rapid (200kW) charging sites, all with multiple charging bays. 

    The Destination charging sites have Type 2 plugs and a maximum power output of 7kW. 

    The Rapid and Ultra-rapid charging sites will have CCS2 plugs, or a combination of CCS2 and CHAdeMO plugs. At the rapid sites, you’ll get a maximum power output of 150kW, while the ultra-rapid sites will get up to 200kW. 

    You can see the plug types for each charging site in the Chargefox app for iOS or Android, or by using our EV charger map.  
  • How do I find charging sites and pay to use them?

    You can find a live RAA Charge charging station on our interactive map.

    You can also download the Chargefox app for iOS or Android to find your nearest charger, charge your EV and pay. 

  • What is the maximum distance between sites?

    Of the network’s 140 charging sites, 98% of them will be less than 200km apart. That’s well within the range of a typical EV, so you won’t need to worry about range anxiety. 
  • How much will it cost to charge my EV?

    The cost of using the RAA Charge network depends on the time of day and the type of site.  

    Anyone using the network will save 10% on the cost of charging as a limited time introductory offer. The prices below include this discount:  

    Destination (7kW) charging sites 
    Evening peak (5pm to 10pm): 32c/kWh 
    Standard (all other times): 25c/kWh  

    Rapid (150kW) and Ultra-rapid (200kW) sites 
    Evening peak (5pm to 10pm): 68c/kWh  
    Standard (all other times): 59c/kWh  

    For example, an EV with a battery capacity of 64kWh will cost about $16 to charge at a fast AC charging site during standard hours and $20 during evening peak periods.

  • Do the sites charge idle fees?

    Due to the increasing public demand for EV charging sites in South Australia, we may issue idle fees at some Rapid and Ultra-rapid sites when your vehicle remains connected to a station well after reaching full charge.

    We want our charge experience to be great for all drivers, and our idle fees are intended to prevent idle charging and optimise station availability.

    You'll receive a notification through your Chargefox app when your vehicle's charging is complete. After a 10 minute grace period, idle fees will be charged at $1 per each additional minute the vehicle remains on charge. Idle fees will be charged to the credit card linked to your Chargefox account.

    Idle fees are currently in effect at the following charging sites:

    • Burnside Civic Centre, Tusmore - Ultra-rapid charging site
  • Can I get insurance with RAA for my electric vehicle?

    Yes. You can get Comprehensive or Third Party car insurance with us to insure your EV. Get a quote online. 
  • Is renewable energy powering the network?

    Yes, the network is powered by 100% renewable energy. 
  • When will the network be completed?

    RAA has identified preferred sites for South Australia’s EV charging network. 

    Charging sites will be scheduled for installation once site scoping works are complete and site host agreements are met. 

    Construction has already started, with the network to be completed in 2024. 

  • How can I stay up to date on network developments?

    You can stay up to date by subscribing to RAA Daily and choosing 'electric vehicle updates' as your subscription type. 

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