• 140 charging locations covering SA border-to-border
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy
  • 98% of chargers less than 200km apart
  • 75% of charging locations in regional SA 

SA's largest network of EV charging stations

Together with the South Australian Government, we're building South Australia's first border-to-border network of EV charging stations - RAA Charge.

Construction has already started, with the 140-site network to be completed in 2024.

From our highways and regional centres to our CBD and suburbs, it will be easier than ever to drive an electric vehicle in South Australia.

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Cost of charging your EV

  • Destination (7kW) charging sites

    Evening peak (5pm-10pm): 32c/kWh
    Standard (all other times) 25c/kWh
  • Rapid (150kW) and Ultra-rapid (200kW) charging sites

    Evening peak (5pm-10pm):  68c/kWh
    Standard (all other times): 59c/kWh

Anyone using the network will save 10% on the cost of charging as a limited time introductory offer. The prices above include this discount.

You may be charged idle fees if overstaying at charging sites. Find out more

How to charge your EV

Download the Chargefox app for iOS or Android to find your nearest charger, charge your EV and pay.

Our charging stations are inclusive

We're committed to creating a safe and accessible charging network for all drivers, so our charging bays are built with accessibility in mind.

Key features of our accessible charging stations include a larger bay for wheelchair access (marked with priority signage and "use last" instructions) and the consideration of potential obstructions like wheel stops and bollards.

We've published our learnings to guide the design of accessible EV charging infrastructure more broadly in SA. Explore the guidelines

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do some sites have an interim power supply?

    A small number of 150kW Rapid and 200kW Ultra-rapid charging sites will have an interim power supply of 50kW for 3-9 months due to power upgrades at those locations.

    We're committed to delivering South Australia’s first border-to-border EV charging network in 2024, so we're working with SA Power Networks to prioritise these works.

    We expect up to 10 of our 54 Rapid and Ultra-rapid charging sites will be affected. Once a high voltage connection has been established at these locations, the charging stations will operate at their design capacity of 150kW or 200kW.

    While the interim power connection is in place the cost to charge at these sites will be reduced to 49c/kWh during peak and non-peak hours.

    The following sites are currently operating at 50kW. Please allow more time to charge your EV if using one of these locations.

    • Wharflands Esplanade, Port Augusta – Ultra-rapid charging site (Full 200kW expected from February 2024)
    • Day Street Carpark, Pinnaroo – Ultra-rapid charging site (Full 200kW will be available from March 2024)

    See more FAQs about the interim power supply

  • Why does the cost of charging an EV change depending on the time of day?

    The cost of charging an EV is cheaper during the day, because that’s when our state’s renewable energy generation is highest. This helps make the best use of solar energy.
  • How long will it take to charge my EV?

    It depends on the type of charger and your electric vehicle.

    Generally, Destination (7kW) chargers take several hours to fully charge a car, so you’ll find them in places like tourist parks and accommodation providers.  

    Rapid (150kW) and Ultra-rapid (200kW) chargers take as little as 15 to 45 minutes to fully charge an EV, so you’ll find them along highways and in country towns. 
  • Do I need my own cable to use the charging stations?

    It depends on the type of site. Our Destination (7kW) charging sites will have Type 2 plugs and, to use these, you’ll need your own cable. Our Rapid (150kW) and Ultra-rapid (200kW) charging sites are equipped with cables, so you won’t need your own.  
  • Can you tell me more about the project and why RAA is involved?

    We’ve partnered with the South Australian Government to bring the RAA Charge network to life. A $12 million State Government grant is helping to fund the project, and construction has already begun.

    We’re involved in this project because a border-to-border EV charging network could help more South Australians opt for EVs – a major win for our state, and the environment. 

    A recent survey found 62% of members are considering an EV as their next vehicle. However, the main reason they weren’t following through with a purchase was a lack of charging infrastructure. 

    In some parts of regional SA, the distance between charging points is greater than the average range of an EV battery (400km). These locations are currently off limits for many EV drivers. 

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