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For more than 117 years, our members have been at the heart of everything we do. We’ve celebrated great moments and weathered many storms. But we've always gotten through it, together. 

With the COVID-19 situation changing daily, we wanted to let you know what we're doing to look out for our members, our staff and the South Australian community.

We’re only a phone call away

If you are self-isolating or would prefer to contact us over the phone, please get in touch.

The health and wellbeing of all South Australians is – and always will be – a priority for us at RAA. 

  • Travel

    Travel Insurance hotline: 02 8055 1610 for COVID-19 enquiries. For all other travel enquiries: 8202 4589
  • Road Service

    Need roadside assistance? Call 13 11 11, available 24/7. For all other Road Service enquiries: 8202 4610
  • Claims

    Motor and Home claims: 1300 884 575, or lodge your claim online. For non-urgent claims, call Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm
  • General enquiries

    General enquiries: 8202 4600.
    Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
    Saturday, 9am to 12pm

Across every area of our business

We’re basing our workforce across various SA sites so we can be sure we can continue to meet the motor, home and travel needs of our members well into the future.

We’re keeping RAA Shops open, but if you’ve recently returned from overseas, been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or are displaying flu-like symptoms, we ask you to postpone your visit to our shop or face-to-face appointments with us.

We’re supporting our staff who can work from home to do exactly that, so we can continue to support our members from anywhere in the State.

If you have any questions, check out our frequently asked questions relevant to each area of our business.

  • General FAQs

    Has RAA closed any services due to COVID-19?

    No. We are closely monitoring alerts and advice from health and government authorities to ensure our response to COVID-19 aligns with recommendations from the experts. We take our role in looking out for the community seriously and are taking every precaution so that we can continue to deliver the services our members need in a safe and responsible way. 

    What precautionary measures is RAA taking to limit the spread of COVID-19?

    We are taking a practical, responsible approach to limiting the spread of COVID-19 across our workforce and the community. 

    While we’re keeping our shop network open to continue servicing our members in a responsible manner, we are asking people self-isolating to postpone their visit to our shops or in-person appointments.

    If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions, we’ll postpone your appointment or ask you to return to our shop after 14 days: 

    • Have you recently returned from overseas or interstate?
    • Have you been in direct contact with anyone with coronavirus?
    • Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms?
    How can I get in touch with RAA remotely?

    If you are self-isolating or would simply prefer to contact us over the phone, please get in touch:

  • Motor FAQs

    Is RAA still doing roadside assistance?

    Absolutely, RAA is still here to keep you moving when you break down. We are taking extra precautions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, including adjusting our approach to help in high-risk situations and following the personal hygiene and social distancing practices recommended by the experts.

    What specific precautions are being taken in delivering Road Service?

    We are taking a practical, responsible approach to limiting the spread of COVID-19 across our workforce and the community. 
    As the health and safety of our employees, service providers, customers and broader community are our priority here at RAA, we are now asking callers to advise if they: 

    • Are displaying signs or symptoms of a cold or flu;
    • Have recently returned from overseas or interstate and are in self-isolation; or
    • Have been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Asking these questions helps us to adjust our approach to help in high-risk circumstances while protecting the health and wellbeing of our Patrols and the wider community.

    Our Patrols are also taking extra personal hygiene precautions and maintaining social distancing, so don’t be offended if you’re not greeted with our normal handshake at the moment.

    We are closely monitoring alerts and advice from health and government authorities to ensure our response to COVID-19 aligns with recommendations from the experts. We will be continually adjusting our response in line with those evolving recommendations.

    Why can’t I lodge a request for assistance using the RAA Road Service App?

    So that we can identify high-risk situations, we are only taking requests for roadside assistance over the phone, so please call us on 13 1111 if you’ve broken down and you need our help.

    We are currently making changes to our App to help us identify high-risk circumstances and will reactivate the App once these have been made and tested.

    Why won’t the towing company let me travel in the cab of the truck with my vehicle?

    We all have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. We respect the right of our contractors to take appropriate precautions to protect their employees and the wider community. For some contractors, this has meant prohibiting passengers from riding in proximity of the driver of the tow truck.

    What do I do if I can’t travel in the tow truck?

    If you are unable to travel in the tow truck that is transporting your car, we will help you to arrange alternative transportation. 

  • Travel FAQs

    What are the current restrictions for overseas travel? 

    Currently all overseas travel is banned, unless you have an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs. If you need to change an existing RAA Travel booking, reach out to our team for help on 8202 4589. For the most up to date overseas travel advice, please visit

    Can I travel within South Australia? 

    Absolutely. And if you have the means, we thoroughly recommend it. There are no restrictions on travel within our beautiful State. Our RAA travel experts are just a phone call away or a web-click away to help you book your own unique South Australian getaway. Get in touch on 8202 4589 or visit to take advantage of a range of accommodation and experiences with exclusive member discounts. 

    Can I travel to another state or territory? 

    Some border restrictions are still in place if you’re travelling into states or territories other than South Australia. To make sure you’re armed with the latest border restriction advice before making your travel booking, it is best to check the government website for the state or territory you are planning to travel to or travel through on the way to your final destination. 

    The SA government has eased border restrictions for people entering South Australia from the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. This means if you’re travelling back to South Australia from these jurisdictions, you’re no longer required to quarantine. If you’re entering South Australia from New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, you are required to quarantine for 14 days.

    How can I find out if my insurance covers the changes I need to make to my travel plans? 

    If you have an RAA Travel Insurance policy, we have set up a dedicated hotline to help with queries just like these. Call us on 02 8055 1610.

    Will I receive a full refund on my travel booking? 

    If you need to change an existing RAA Travel booking, reach out to our team on 8202 4589 for help with your rescheduling or cancellation plans. Only upon looking at the specifics of your booking will our travel team be able to advise you of any refund or reimbursement entitlements available to you. 

    My overseas holiday has been cancelled, when can I rebook? 

    Most travel suppliers for international travel including tour operators, land operators, cruise lines and airlines have cancelled or suspended travel until the end of September 2020. Please reach out to our RAA Travel team to discuss rebooking your holiday. 

    Is RAA charging for travel cancellations? 

    No. We’ve waived our travel cancellation fees until 31 August 2020. Fees and charges from travel suppliers may still apply, but we will work hard to reschedule or cancel your booking in the most cost effective way possible.

    Need more information to help with your travel plans? 

    Please refer to the below links for the most up to date consumer advice in relation to COVID-19 and travel.


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