• How much should I insure my home for?

    If the amount you insure your home for (the sum insured) isn’t adequate, you may be out of pocket if there’s damage to your property. Our Sum Insured Calculator is a handy starting point and could help you work out the cost of replacing your home in the case of a total loss. The calculator is not suitable for homes covered by strata.  

    This calculator is a guide only, does not constitute personal advice and won’t take into account individual circumstances or preferences. We recommend getting expert advice to determine an adequate replacement sum insured for your insured property.  
  • How much should I insure my contents for?

    If the amount you insure your contents for (the sum insured) isn’t adequate, you may be out of pocket if there’s damage to them. We suggest thinking about how much it would cost to replace your contents. Contents are things in your home that aren’t fixed to the house. 

    For example, if someone tipped your house upside down, all the things that’d fall out are considered contents. Other things like carpet and floating floors are also considered contents. 

    See the PDS for more details.

  • What information do I need to give to get a quote?

    To give you a quote there’s a few things we’ll need from you, including:

    • Some details about the property’s construction (such as what the outside walls and roof are made from, and what year it was built)
    • How you plan to use the property (including if you’ll live in it, rent it out or if you’ll be running a business from it)
    • How much you’d like to insure your home and its contents for. If you're not sure how much it would cost to rebuild your home, our sum insured calculator can help you estimate the current cost.

    For more information about what else we’ll need to know, call us on 8202 4567 or get a quote online

  • Does contents insurance cover my jewellery if it’s stolen or damaged?

    RAA’s contents insurance covers your jewellery if it's stolen or damaged at the home for insured events. A single piece of jewellery is covered for up to $5,000, with an overall limit of $10,000 for all jewellery. If you have jewellery that’s worth more than that, you’ll need request to add it to your policy as a specified item.

  • Are any of my contents covered if I take them out of my home?

    Our contents insurance includes cover for your contents while they’re temporarily removed from your home to another residential address or storage facility. This cover is capped at 10% of the sum insured.

    We also have two kinds of optional cover you can choose to protect your valuables if they’re accidentally lost, stolen or damaged while away from home.

    • Accidental damage cover – if you add accidental damage cover to your contents insurance policy, we'll cover your contents if they're accidentally lost, stolen or damaged anywhere in Australia and New Zealand (with a few exceptions, outlined in the PDS). You can choose to insure them for up to $2,000 per claim or up to $5,000 per claim.
    • Cover for valuable items at home and away from home – if you have valuable items such as jewellery or bicycles, you can add them to your contents insurance and we'll cover their replacement value if they're accidentally lost, stolen or damaged worldwide (with a few exceptions, outlined in the PDS). Subject to the sum insured of the item.

    To add either of these covers to your insurance policy, call us on 8202 4567.

  • Am I covered for flood and fire?

    RAA's Home and/or Contents policies automatically cover you for flood or fire. However, there are some exceptions, including waiting periods. Please refer to our PDS.

  • Where do I go if my home is unfit to live in as a result of loss or damage?

    Don’t fret. We’ll cover the cost of temporary accommodation for up to 12 months while your home is being repaired. Some caps and limits apply, and they're set out in our PDS.

  • Can I change my excess?

    Yes, you can change your Basic Excess at any time. Please note, changes to your Basic Excess will impact your premium. 

  • How do I lodge a claim?

    You can lodge your claim online through the My Account portal, or you can call us on 8202 4575. All claims are handled right here in SA and you’ll always talk to a local.

  • What happens if the food in my fridge is spoiled during a power blackout?

    Contents insurance covers you for food and medicine spoilage caused by the burnout of a fridge motor or an unexpected power blackout, up to $500. We’ll try our best to fast-track these claims when they come up, so you’re not left hanging – and hungry.

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