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Hire Car

You can choose to add a Optional Cover - Hire Car to your RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. This option will give you several additional benefits.

Crash repairer's loan car

If your vehicle is being repaired following an accident we can cover any costs associated with getting a loan car from the repairer.

Hire car following and accident

If you can't get a loan car we will cover the costs for you to get from a hire car.

Hire car excess

Hire Car Option - Happy Motorist

if you have hired a vehicle anywhere in Australia (even if you are on holidays and nothing to do with an accident) we will cover the excess for you up to $4,000 if it is damaged or stolen. This can save you on having to pay additional daily charges to the hire car company to reduce the excess.

Extended hire car following theft

We will extend your usual hire car benefits following a theft and we extend it until 2 days after the claim has settled to help find a new car.

Crash repairer's loan car - comprehensive cover

If you get loan car from the repairer but it doesn't have comprehensive insurance we will cover both your vehicle and the loan vehicle until the repairs have been completed.


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RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance

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