Frequently asked questions


  • What is an excess?

    If you make a claim, you may need to pay us an amount towards the claim. The amount you pay us is an excess. 

    There are different types of excesses which may apply to your claim including basic excess and other additional excesses. Any excesses that apply to you are shown when you get a quote and on your Certificate of Insurance. 

    There are some incidents where you won’t need to pay an excess like if the driver of your car didn’t cause the damage and you’ve provided us the necessary details including the information of the person who caused the damage. 

    See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for full details. 
  • Can I change my excess?

    Yes, you can request a change to your basic excess at any point in your policy by calling us on 8202 4567.

    Just remember, changing your excess may affect your premium.

  • Do I have to pay an excess if an accident wasn't my fault?

    No, you won't need to pay an excess if we decide you were not 'at fault' for an accident.

    If you're not 'at fault' it means you could provide us with the details of who caused the accident, and after an investigation we decide that person's actions were the main cause, and not yours. 

    When no one is at fault like in a hail storm or if a tree falls on your car, or if you can't identify who caused the accident (e.g. if they hit your car in a carpark but didn't stop or leave a note) you'll still need to pay us any excesses that apply to you. 

    Check the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.
  • What does ‘Sum Insured’ mean?

    Sum Insured is the value we agree to insure your vehicle for. This includes any tools, accessories and modifications that are standard, and any that are non-standard which we agree to cover. It also includes registration, on-road costs and GST.

    Your Sum Insured is shown when you get a quote, and the final amount is shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

  • Can I pay my vehicle registration through RAA?

    No, you can't pay your vehicle registration or CTP through RAA. This is managed by the State Government, so you'll need to visit Service SA or visit EzyReg online.


  • What's the difference between covers?

    The three most common types of insurance are third party, third party fire & theft, and comprehensive.

    Third Party
    Covers damage caused by your car to someone else's vehicle or property.

    Third Party, Fire & Theft
    Covers damage caused by your car to someone else's vehicle or property, as well as cover for if your car is damaged by fire or stolen.

    Covers damage to your car, as well as damage caused by your car to someone else's vehicle or property, and cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

    We offer two levels of comprehensive insurance. Check the comparison table to see the benefits for each type of cover that we offer.
  • Am I covered if I accidentally scratch my car?

    Our Comprehensive Car Insurance includes cover for when you accidentally damage your car. We'll cover the cost of the repair for the incident, you'll just need to pay us any excesses that apply to you.

    Check the Product Disclosure Statement for limits and exclusions.
  • What's the difference between CTP and Third Party insurance?

    Compulsory Third Party (CTP) covers your costs for the injuries of any other person hurt in an accident that involves your car. RAA doesn't offer CTP. It's compulsory to choose a CTP insurer when your pay your car registration and is entirely separate to Third Party insurance.

    Third Party insurance covers damage by your car to someone else's car or property. RAA does offer Third Party insurance. You may want to have RAA Car Insurance in addition to CTP.

  • Does RAA cover broken windscreens?

    Both levels of our Comprehensive Car Insurance includes cover for broken windscreens. If you have Comprehensive, you'll get unlimited windscreen repair or replacement, and you won't have to pay an excess. 

    If you have Standard Comprehensive, you can add one $0 excess windscreen repair or replacement as an optional cover to your policy. If you make more than one windscreen claim in the same term of your policy, you may have to pay the basic excess.

    If you don't add the optional cover to Standard Comprehensive, you may have to pay the basic excess for all claims you make. 

    Exclusions and limitations apply. For more information, refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.


  • How do I lodge a claim?

    You can either lodge your claim online or call us on 8202 4575.

    Claims you can lodge online:

    • Any incident that involved either 1 or 2 vehicles 

    Claims you'll need to lodge over the phone: 

    • Any incident that involved 3 or more vehicles

    For more information on how to lodge a claim, read our Claims FAQs.

  • If I have a crash, can I choose my own repairer or will you send me to one?

    You can choose a repairer from our network or a different repairer who meets our standards, as long as no repairs are made without our prior authorisation. See a list of RAA Approved Repairers.

    If we authorise the repair at an RAA Approved Repairer, the quality of materials and labour used in the repairs are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle - as long as you continue to insure your car with us.

    Exclusions and limitations apply. For more information, please refer to the relevant PDS.

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