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We know many South Aussies are doing it tough out there right now, and we want you to know we’re here to help.

If you need emergency assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services please call 000.  

Insurance claims

We're local and we're here to make your claim as easy as possible. We'd love it if you could help us prioritise our members who are in urgent need of our assistance by lodging your claim online if you can. However, if you're in urgent need of our assistance with your situation, please give us a call on 8202 4575

To make things quicker and easier, be sure you have your member or policy number handy when lodging your claim.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I lodge my claim online?

    Yes, absolutely. Lodging your claim online allows you to beat the phone queues and lodge your claim 24/7. If you're in urgent need of our assistance with your situation, please give us a call on 8202 4575.

  • Can I claim for food spoiled in my fridge or freezer?

    If you have Contents Insurance, you can claim for reimbursement costs of spoiled food and medicine inside a refrigerator or freezer if the commercial electricity supply fails. Limits and exclusions apply, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

  • Do I have to pay an excess for a food spoilage claim?

    There is no excess payable for claims made for spoilage of food only.

  • How do I lodge a food spoilage claim?

    Lodge your claim online 24/7 and skip the call queues, or call us on 8202 4575.

  • I’ve lodged a food spoilage claim – what happens now?

    If accepted, a claim that is only for spoilage of food is fast tracked. This means that the claim is paid and closed as soon as it is assessed and accepted by us. The cash settlement may take up to 5 business days to land in your supplied bank account. There is no excess payable for claims made for spoilage of food only. However, you will need to pay any other applicable excesses if your claim relates to other loss or damage. If accepted, we will make your food spoilage payment while we handle other aspects of your claim, such as repair or replacement of damaged items.

  • My fence has been damaged – what happens now?

    RAA can appoint a builder to provide a quote to us. Alternatively, you can engage your own repairer to prepare the following for RAA to review: 

    • Photos to confirm the extent of the damage and the overall condition of the fence; and 
    • A quote to repair the damage. 

    Upon receipt of the information from the builder, we will be in contact with you to discuss next steps. 

    Where your claim is for a fence that adjoins another person’s property, repair or replacement is not available and we will make a cash settlement to you. 

    Limits and exclusions apply, so refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details. 

  • How soon will someone attend my house?

    We are working with our suppliers and builders to get to repairs as soon as we can and, in some cases, this is taking longer than normal as builders are experiencing increased demand due to recent events. We will contact you to arrange a time as soon as we can get to you, however if you require a make safe as your house is unsafe to live in, please call us immediately on 8202 4575.

  • How soon will someone call me back?

    We are currently experiencing an unusually high number of claims due to recent events, so responses are taking longer than usual. Rest assured we are working as quickly as we can along with our repairers and suppliers to address all claims as quickly as possible.

  • What are the next steps once a builder appointed by RAA has attended my property?

    Our RAA appointed builders are experienced, qualified and undertake repairs for us on a daily basis. We also accept responsibility for the quality of their work and the materials they use. When they attend your property, they will address any immediate needs like ‘make safe’ repairs, if your house is unsafe to live in. Our builders will then liaise with RAA, and provide a report and quote if required.

    The builder will contact you to arrange payment of any applicable excess prior to starting works, provide you with a scope of works which outlines the repairs and provide information to help you understand what the scope of works is, its purpose and the process involved. If for any reason we’re not able to authorise repairs with the information we have, we will contact you to discuss it further.

  • What is ‘make safe’?

    If your house in unsafe to live in, we can arrange for someone to attend the property to assess and undertake the immediate repairs required to make the house safe to live in - 'make safe'. Any remaining repairs can then be scheduled at a later date.

  • Can I choose to have my own builder make the repairs instead of having them done by the builder appointed by RAA?

    Yes, this option may be available to you but no work should be undertaken without RAA approval. Please send your quote and scope of work documents, along with photos of the damage to for RAA to review. The quote must provide ‘like for like’ repairs to be done e.g. same materials and quantities that are damaged. Please include your claim reference number in the subject line of the email. We’ll be in contact with you once your documents have been reviewed to discuss the next steps.

  • Why has RAA requested my bank account details to make an EFT payment?

    Our preferred method of payment is by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your bank account. If your claim has been approved and we need to make a payment to you, it's normal practice for our consultants to confirm your bank account details to make sure the payment goes to the right account. We'll always identify you before discussing your details.

  • Why have I been advised I need to do maintenance on my home before the repairs can be done?

    Sometimes the builder appointed by RAA will identify maintenance repairs which are not related to your claim, but that need to be done before the insurance repairs can be done. This maintenance is at the expense of the home owner. If you have further queries, call us on 8202 4575.

  • What are the next steps once a loss adjuster has attended my property?

    Once the loss adjuster has attended your property, they’ll address any immediate needs like ‘make safe repairs’ and commence organising repairs or submit a report to us if required. The loss adjuster will coordinate and manage any required repairs through RAA appointed builders, who are experienced and qualified to undertake repairs. If for any reason we’re not able to authorise repairs with the information we have, we’ll contact you to discuss further.

  • How does RAA support vulnerable members during the claims process?

    We understand our members need extra help and support at different times in their lives.

    We are committed to taking extra care with vulnerable members including those who are experiencing age related impairment, disability, physical or mental health conditions, family violence, language and literacy barriers, remote location barriers or financial distress. We also support people of different cultural backgrounds and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people experiencing vulnerability.

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