Need to make an insurance claim?
  • Can I lodge my claim online?

    Yes, absolutely. Lodging your claim online allows you to beat the phone queues and lodge your claim 24/7. If you're in urgent need of our assistance with your situation, please give us a call on 8202 4575.

    Claims that can be lodged online, as applicable to your policy, include:

    • Home
    • Contents
    • Accidental damage (Contents optional cover)
    • Pet (Contents optional cover)
    • Car: Claims involving 1 single or 2 vehicles

    Claims that need to be lodged over the phone include:

    • Car: Claims involving three or more vehicles
    • Caravan and trailer
    • Boat
    • Motorcycle and scooter
    • Veteran, Vintage or Hard to Place vehicles
    • Landlord and Short Stay
    • Other optional covers

    Lodge your claim online or call us on 8202 4575.

    Find information about travel insurance claims online or by calling 1300 207 365.

  • How does RAA support vulnerable members during the claims process?

    We understand our members need extra help and support at different times in their lives.

    We are committed to taking extra care with vulnerable members including those who are experiencing age related impairment, disability, physical or mental health conditions, family violence, language and literacy barriers, remote location barriers or financial distress. We also support people of different cultural backgrounds and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people experiencing vulnerability.

    Discover how RAA may be able to help you.

  • I've just had a car accident. What do I do?

    • Ensure the safety of yourself and all parties involved. If you can, move your car away from danger. At a minimum, turn on your emergency indicators.
    • Exchange information with any other parties involved, including:

      • The other driver’s name, address and contact details
      • The vehicle owner's name, address and contact details
      • The vehicle registration
      • Any witnesses' names, addresses and contact details
    • Record the date, time and location of the incident
    • If it’s safe to do so, take photos of any damage to all vehicles and properties involved.
    • Report the crash to police if you think the total damage will be more than $3000.

    You can lodge your claim at any time online or by calling us on 8202 4575.

  • What information do I need to lodge a claim?

    To ensure your claim process is quick and easy, ensure you have:

    • Your RAA member number and insurance policy number
    • Your vehicle registration
    • Details of the incident (including date, time and location)
    • Details of anyone else involved and any witnesses (Name, address and contact details)
    • The Police Report number (if a Police Report is required by law)
  • What happens once I lodge my claim?

    We’ll assess your claim and may request further information or documents from you.

    You can choose a repairer recommended by us, or choose a different repairer who meets our minimum standards. Repairs must not be made without our prior consent. For further information, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for your policy.

    Your repairer will have us assess your vehicle and we’ll either deem it repairable or a total loss.

    We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your claim along the way.

  • What's an excess?

    If you make a claim, you may need to pay us an amount towards the claim. The amount you pay us is an excess.

    There are different types of excesses which may apply to your claim including basic excess and other additional excesses. These are shown on your Certificate of Insurance documents.

    There are some incidents where you won’t need to pay an excess, like if the driver of your car didn’t cause the damage and you’ve provided us the necessary details including the information of the person who caused the damage.

    In the case of repairs to your car, any applicable excess needs to be paid to the repairer upon collection of your vehicle once repairs are completed. In the case of a total loss, the excess will be deducted from the amount we pay you under the claim.

    For more information on excesses, refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for your policy.     

  • My car's been stolen. What do I do?

    If your car’s been stolen, report the theft to police. You’ll receive a police report number.

    You can lodge your claim at any time online or by calling us on 8202 4575.

    For Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance, we’ll cover the cost of car hire for a similar replacement vehicle approved by us. Cover ends when your car is recovered, your claim is settled or after 21 days, whichever occurs first. Limits apply, so see your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement for full details. You can call us on 8202 4575 to arrange car hire.

  • Will I receive a hire car if my vehicle can’t be driven after an incident? 

    You may be entitled to a hire car if you’ve added optional car hire to your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. If you’re not sure, check your “Optional Cover” in My Account or on your most recent Certificate of Insurance (sent to you when you purchased, renewed, or made changes to your policy).

    If you’re entitled to a hire car under your policy, give us a call on 8202 4575 to arrange car hire from a hire car company approved by us. Make sure you're familiar with the terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions for a hire car following an incident as outlined in your Comprehensive Car Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

    If you want to add hire car cover to your policy, call us on 8202 4600.

  • Will my car be written off?

    We’ll need to formally assess the damage to your vehicle. We consider many factors before deeming a vehicle repairable or a total loss. We’ll let you know after the assessment if your vehicle is deemed a total loss or not.

  • Can I choose my own repairer? 

    While you can choose your own repairer there are significant benefits to using an RAA Approved Repairer, and repairs must not be made without our prior consent. We’ll contact you to discuss your options if we don’t recommend you proceed with your chosen repairer. If you wish to proceed with a repairer that doesn’t meet our minimum standards, we’ll pay you the assessed cost of repairing your vehicle instead of authorising repairs. For further information, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement.  

    You can locate an RAA Approved Repairer online, or call us on 8202 4575.  

  • Will I receive a guarantee on all completed repairs by an RAA Approved Repairer? 

    We guarantee the quality of materials and labour used in repairs authorised by us at an RAA Approved Repairer for the life of the vehicle. The guarantee will be honoured while you are the registered owner of the vehicle, and it is insured by RAA from the completion date of repairs. Exclusions and limitations apply. See your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement for details. 

  • I have an issue during the repair process. What do I do? 

    Speaking to the repairer will get most situations resolved. If we’ve selected and directly authorised a repairer to repair to your item or property, we’ll accept responsibility for the quality of work and materials used.

    If you wish to make a complaint about your claim and how it’s been handled, including the repairer’s conduct, timeliness, quality of work or the materials they’ve used, please call us on 8202 4575 or email Find out more about our complaint process, including your right to take your complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.  

  • I have a chip or crack in my windscreen, window, or roof glass. What do I do? 

    Our Comprehensive Car Insurance includes cover for broken windscreens, window and roof glass.

    If you need a repair or replacement, there's no need to contact us. You can book a repair directly with O'Brien and they'll invoice us for your claim directly. You may have to pay us an excess.

    Make sure your car is safe to drive. If not, O’Brien might be able to come to you. If your roof glass is damaged, or you can’t safely transport your car for repair, lodge a claim online or call us on 8202 4575.

    Exclusions and limitations apply. For more information, refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

Comprehensive Car Insurance – claim process

  • Step 1

    Lodge your claim

    Have you had a collision with another vehicle? Was your vehicle damaged while parked? Did you collide with an object or animal? Lodge a claim online or by calling us on 8202 4575.

    You’ll receive confirmation of your claim via email or SMS and we will contact you for further information if required.  

  • Step 2


    You can choose a repairer recommended by us, or choose a different repairer who meets our minimum standards. No repairs can be made without our permission.

    Your repairer will inspect your vehicle and coordinate a time for us to assess it. We’ll let you know if we decide your vehicle can be repaired or is a total loss.  

  • Step 3

    Repairs or replacement

    Once we’ve authorised the repairs, you can schedule the work with the repairer. During the repairs you may be entitled to a hire car if you’ve purchased this optional extra on your policy.

    If your vehicle’s a total loss and you’re entitled to a replacement benefit, we may be able to help you find a replacement. Refer to your Product Disclosure Statement for replacement and eligibility details.

    If your vehicle’s a total loss and you’re not entitled to a replacement benefit, we’ll provide a cash settlement (which can take about 5 business days to transfer once payment is made) minus any applicable excesses and any outstanding premium.  

  • Step 4

    Keep moving on

    Once repairs are completed, any applicable excess needs to be paid to the repairer when you collect your vehicle.

    If your vehicle’s being replaced, you can contact your dealer to arrange collection of your new vehicle.

    For information about how to make a complaint about your claim or how it’s been handled, read our complaints process.  

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